Hartlepool children in the news in 2004 - are your kids among them?

It's hard to believe that 15 years have passed since these scenes happened.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 02 January, 2019, 11:00
Fens Primary School put on a production of Street Child in 2004. Do you remember it and can you spot anyone you recognise? Email chris.cordner@jpimedia.co.uk.

We are turning the clock back to 2004 when there were lots of talented youngsters doing great things in the town.

Who remembers Fens Primary School and their performance of Street Child?

Some of Carol Hammond's award-winning dancers in 2004. Do you recognise any of them?

Or what about the excellent Hartlepool Flamingos and their performances across town, including this one at the Eaglesfield Road funday.

The town has always produced great dancers and here’s some of Carol Hammond’s trophy winners in 2004.

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And what about the time when DJ training for girls was introduced at the Wingate Family Centre.

If you have memories of any of these events, get in touch by emailing chris.cordner@jpimedia.co.uk and share the memories.

Hartlepool Flamingos at the Eaglesfield Road funday in 2004. Spot anyone you know?
Who remembers the introduction of DJ training for girls at the Wingate Family Centre in 2004?