Hartlepool council approves £500,000 programme of works to improve town

Improvement work to a Hartlepool leisure centre, provide extra car parking and the revamp of a town square totalling around £500,000, are to be carried out over the next year.

Monday, 21st March 2016, 5:00 am
Victory Square is to be made more enclosed in a £50,000 scheme.

Councillors approved the programme of works using money generated by Hartlepool Borough Council from land and building sales.

Three schemes totalling between £355,000 and £422,000 were passed by the council’s Finance and Policy group.

They are the creation of a new footway at Waverley Terrace improve pedestrian safety particularly for people getting to and from Kingsley Primary School.

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The estimated costs of the footway are between £230,000 and £297,000.

Car parking at Seaton Carew is set to be increased with the use of £75,000 of the council’s capital receipts cash.

It comprises £70,000 to extend the car park south of Newburn Bridge by another 40 places and £5,000 to mark out the car park at the southern end of Seaton Carew along with a new barrier added to discourage anti-social behaviour.

Denise Ogden, director of regeneration and neighbourhoods said: “The advantages of this [south] site are that, in conjunction with the coach park, it gives significant extra parking space at both ends of Seaton Carew.

“It has also proven itself to be a popular location throughout the year.”

Councillors have previously called for extra car parking to be provided at Seaton to cope with demand from visitors and prevent problem parking for residents.

Around £50,000 has also been earmarked for improvements to Victory Square in the town centre.

The scheme includes removing brick lighting columns which are said to affect the visibility of motorists and putting in new seats and planting to make the square more enclosed.

Other works deemed essential to council-owned property totalling £96,700 including £29,000 at Mill House Leisure Centre, £60,5000 at Newburn Industrial Estate and £7,200 for a council building’s escape route in Church Street.