Hartlepool families celebrate Easter with cracking work on painted eggs

The Easter holidays are just around the corner - but before the schools break up, you and your little ones have been getting crafty.

Saturday, 6th April 2019, 2:30 pm
Updated Saturday, 6th April 2019, 2:34 pm

We put a call out for you to share pictures of your decorated eggs, and you really have delivered! We have got cartoon characters, animal friends and scenes of fun complete with paint, glitter and cardboard. Take a look through our pictures and check out some of these creations.

Easter eggs by Henri Wood, 2. Picture: Carly Bradley.
Easter eggs by Gabriella, 10. Picture: Chantelle Ward.

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Easter eggs by Bobby, 6. Picture: Claire Robinson.
Easter eggs by Aria, 6, from Holy Trinity. Picture: Colette Sprintall.
Easter eggs by Alfie, 4. Picture: Danielle Knight.
Picture: Dawn Louise.
Easter eggs by Tia Lancaster O'Neill, 9. Picture: Donna Lancaster.
Easter eggs by Rylee, 7. Picture: Donna Mekins.
Easter eggs by Tommy Morton, 3. Picture: Georgie Terry.
Easter eggs by Joseph, 9. Picture: Claire Robinson.
Picture: Hannah Lang.
Easter eggs by Luna, 5. Picture: Karlena Ward.
Easter eggs by Caitlyn, 8. Picture: Katherine Morrell.
Easter eggs by Amelia, 3. Picture: Kay Angela McGill.
Easter eggs by Thomas, 2, from Grange Primary School. Picture: Kylie Hakansson.
Easter eggs by Travis, 9, from Dene Primary School. Picture: Angela Worth.
Easter Eggs by Isla Facchini from Clavering School. Picture: Michelle Facchini.
Easter eggs by Connie, 8. Picture: Lisa Groom.
Easter eggs by Kieran, 10, from St Joseph's in Blackhall. Picture: Louise Hartley.
Picture: Sarah Withers.
Easter eggs by Lucas, 4, from St Joseph's in Blackhall. Picture: Louise Hartley.
Easter eggs by Maddie, 9. Picture: Melanie Prince.
Easter Eggs by Tiara Wayman, 4, from Grange Primary. Picture: Tonina Siani.
Easter eggs by Annabelle, 8, and Emily, 5, from Eldon Grove. Picture: Sarah Naylor.
Easter eggs by. Kain, 9, from Howletch Primary. Picture: Sharon Todd.
Easter Eggs by Mae O'Brien, 10, from Howletch School in Peterlee.
Easter Eggs by Lewis, 6. Picture: Annie Sharp.
Easter Eggs by Billy Hutchinson, 6, from Grange Primary. Picture: Charlotte Hutchinson.
Easter Eggs by Macie Hutchinson, 10, from Eskdale Academy. Picture: Charlotte Hutchinson.