Hartlepool local elections: Who will get your vote in Hart ward?

The local elections are looming, and today we turn the spotlight on Hartlepool council's Hart ward. Here's what the candidates have to say.

Thursday, 28th April 2016, 1:59 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th May 2016, 3:06 pm
Candidates for the Hart ward, clockwise, from top left, Bob Addison, Isaac Duffy, Keith Fisher, Kenneth Holt, Jean Robinson.

Bob Addison (UKIP)

I have worked in numerous places both locally and abroad before finishing up as a teacher and then retirement. I have lived in the Hart ward for 35 years, so I have had a wide experience of life.

I could bring some much needed integrity to the council as the present crowd have reduced local government to banana republic standards.

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The hospital at Wynyard will not be built so the best course is to try to regain some of the facilities we used to have at the University hospital, Hartlepool. Only UKIP seems to have the will or any idea how to do this.

The Cleveland Combined Authority is one controversy that will not go away with the council flying in the face of the voters’ wishes.

This was a disaster first time around and they look set to repeat the same mistake. UKIP will continue to campaign for a referendum on this.

The council is sat on reserves of £62 million yet still proposes to cut services. One of these which is of great concern, especially to the elderly is the libraries, some are scheduled for closure and others to have the hours drastically reduced. UKIP will seek to have these policies changed and alleviate peoples’ fears.

Isaac Duffy (Local Cobnservatives)

I moved to Bishop Cuthbert in 2001. I’m running to be Hart’s councillor because I think our council needs a fresh face with fresh ideas. We need someone who isn’t afraid to speak their mind.

I won’t stand idly by as Labour increases your council tax – taking money from hardworking people while they and UKIP claim hundreds of pounds of your money in expenses.

The Conservatives are the only political party to not to claim expenses in Hartlepool, and I promise not to claim a single penny in expenses as Hart’s councillor – because you shouldn’t be expected to foot the bill; especially when Labour claim there’s no room for cuts in the council’s budget.

It’s time we had a councillor that stood up for hardworking people. It’s time for lower taxes, better roads, and cleaner streets.

That’s what I’m going to fight for – to secure a better, stronger, brighter future for all of our community.

Together, we can make it happen.

Keith Fisher (Independent)

My family and I have lived in Hart ward since 1978 and there I share the exact same experiences, concerns, complaints, and expectations as you!

As your Independent candidate I can represent you as YOU wish and never within a parties demands. I can present YOU to the council instead of presenting the council to you.

Please do not confuse national issues and campaigns with the many local problems from which we suffer now!

The raising of council tax whilst holding “reserves” and wasting public money on personal “visions” are just two examples.

Co-operating with a hospital trust in which “no confidence” is registered is another disgraceful example and it remains my considered opinion that the deliberate run-down of our own hospital is still THE most dangerous threat to us all.

The direct actions which I proposed publicly http://youtu.be/rpXUglL1NMk (You Tube - Keith Fisher - Save Our Hospital (Hartlepool)) are still rejected in the council chamber.

Please demand real action by voting for and sending me there as your councillor.

I will NOT be littering your doormat with leaflets nor disturbing you at your doorstep but I’m always, always happy to meet with you.

Kenneth Holt (Green)

I am standing for Hart on the principal that we are not “all in it together”: the rich are getting richer and even the middle-class are now worse off.

Although Hartlepool has suffered budget cuts, there is still a lot of money misspent in Hartlepool. If selected I intend to check where and how the council can save money and also make sure that the Hart ward gets a far better deal than it has got at the moment.

Everyone who knows me knows that I am an expert when it comes to getting value for money.

From speaking to some of the locals, there are concerns that the services that they receive are not a fair reflection of the council tax they pay.

There are plenty of people in the ward who don’t feel secure in their jobs and are struggling to make-ends-meet.

As a father of four, who has worked all his life, I understand the value of good housekeeping and I will fight for these people if I am elected.

If you want value for money and decent services at the right price please vote for me.

Jean Robinson (Labour)

I have lived on Clavering all of my adult life. To represent the Hart ward is an honour I do not take for granted and always ensure I do my very best to represent residents and address issues in the area.

Hart ward is a diverse area covering Bishop Cuthbert, Middle Warren, Clavering and Hart Village. I work closely with Councillor Paul Beck by carrying out visual audits, monthly ward surgeries, street surgeries and regular home visits, and producing regular newsletters.

I want to continue to ensure I get round the area all year round.

My priorities are:

* Protect Hart Village from becoming an extension to the area and losing its village identity.

* Holding developers to account and ensuring we make progress around adoption of roads and footpaths.

* Address parking issues and highway problems

* Taking action on irresponsible dog owners.

Councillor Paul Beck and I have used our ward member’s budgets to improve the area and support local groups. Other councillors from opposition parties have voted to remove this vital support. This would stop the good work and investment in the area. I will protect ward member budgets.

Please use your vote to support me so I can continue to work on behalf of the residents of Hart ward.