Hartlepool school wants to open its doors to more pupils

Hart Primary School in Hart Village, on the outskirts of Hartlepool.Hart Primary School in Hart Village, on the outskirts of Hartlepool.
Hart Primary School in Hart Village, on the outskirts of Hartlepool.
A Hartlepool primary school is hoping to open its doors to more pupils.

Jo Heaton, executive headteacher of Hart Primary School, has submitted a planning application to Hartlepool Borough Council.

The application, which will be discussed at a planning committee meeting on Wednesday, is asking for permission to build a single-storey extension to a classroom at the school in Magdalene Drive, Hartlepool. The school plans to increase the number of places across the school by 21.

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The proposal says: “Planning permission is sought for the erection of a single storey classroom extension infilling part of the space between the southern and western elevations of the existing school building.

“The proposal projects approximately 3.6 metres beyond the south elevation of the existing school building and approximately 7.1 metres beyond the west elevation, with a height to eaves of approximately 2.6 metres and total height of approximately 5.1 metres.”

The application has been referred to the planning committee due to the number of objections that have been received. Neighbours of the school have been informed of the application by letter and the council has received three letters of objection. The concerns raised include insufficient parking, increased traffic, a highway safety risk to children, that the extension is out of character with the area and overbearing, the encroachment towards the properties opposite and the detrimental impact on heritage assets.

The report says: “Whilst objections to the scheme have cited highway safety concerns due to lack of adequate parking and increased traffic through Magdalene Drive and wider Hart village, the council’s Highways, Traffic and Transport section have indicated that, whilst an increase of 21 pupils would undoubtedly lead to a greater number of vehicle movements, it is considered that this would not lead to a severe increase in congestion and road safety issues and the increase in traffic movements away from Magdalene Drive would be relatively minor.”