Hartlepool's lost pubs: How many of these can you remember?

Hartlepool has always been a good night out - but many of the town's old pubs are sadly no longer with us.

By Gary Welford
Wednesday, 13 February, 2019, 12:20
Last orders have been called at many Hartlepool pubs.

We've dug into our picture archives to find a few where last orders have been called once and for all - how many of these did you used to drink in? And are there any of your favourites which we've missed out?

The Brus Arms, in West View Road, was built in 1938 by Nimmo's Brewery of Castle Eden to serve the quickly expanding West View estate. It was demolished in 2009.
The Market Hotel in Lynn Street opened in 1857. Since the early 1990s, the premises have had a chequered time, having been renamed the New Market in 1991, then turned into an Indian restaurant and currently closed again.
The Shades Hotel in Church Street, opened in 1856. In 1900 it was refaced with quite ornate glazed tiles. It closed in 1970 and renamed New Shades in 1971. Grade II listed, it is on Historic Englands Heritage at Risk Register.
The Shakespeare in Catcote Road, opened in 1956 as The Catcote Hotel, later simply The Catcote. In 1998 it was renamed the Shakespeare, before being demolished in 2008 to make way for shops.
The Station Hotel, in Station Lane, Seaton Carew, was built in about 1872 beside the footpath leading to the village. It was to serve those travelling by train. It closed in 2010, and a Sainsbury's supermarket is now on its site.

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The Stranton in Stockton Street is probably the town's oldest pub, dating back to the 19th century. Popular until around 2000, when it closed, it's now part of Cameron's Brewery Visitor Centre, it is open as The Brewery Tap throughout the day.
Coasters was a pub and nightclub which opened in the Longscar Centre on The Front at Seaton Carew in 1989. In recent years it had become derelict and was a serious eyesore until it burned down in May 2018.
The King Oswy in King Oswy Drive, Hartlepool, was built in around 1950 to serve the newly-built West View estate but closed around 2010. After becoming a magnet for vandals it was demolished to make way for housing.
The Goldmine in Catcote Road, opened in the mid-50s as The Red Admiral, or 'The Red'. The Goldmine closed a few years ago and is now up for sale, with planning permission in place to turn it into three units and two flats.
The Powlett Hotel in Powlett Road, Hartlepool, was built by Camerons own staff in 1954. It closed in 2012 and was converted into shop units
The Pink Domino, on the corner of Brierton Lane and Catcote Road, opened in 1958 and was known as 'The Pink'. It was demolished in 2013 and a supermarket is now on the site.