Hartlepool's winter 2019 crime hotspots revealed

Here are the first statistics for reported crime across Hartlepool for 2019.

Monday, 18th March 2019, 12:34 pm
Updated Thursday, 11th April 2019, 11:24 am
Hartlepool January 2019 crime map

They show the areas in town with the highest number of suspected offences in January and are compiled from official Home Office figures found here. The figures refer to incidents taking place "on or near to" streets.

Thirty-three complaints included 21 shoplifting reports and seven cases of anti-social behaviour.
Twenty-six reported offences included 24 shoplifting cases and one anti-social behaviour complaint.

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Twenty reported offences included five anti-social behaviour cases and two possession of weapons investigations.
Nineteen offences included eight shoplifting reports and five anti-social behaviour cases.
Eighteen offences included 14 shoplifting cases and two violence and sexual offences (classed together).
Fifteen offences included eight anti-social behaviour reports and four shoplifting cases.
Fourteen reports included four shoplifting cases and three public order offences.
Twelve complaints included six reports of violence and sexual offences (classed together).
Twelve reports included four cases of criminal damage and arson (classed together) and four cases of anti-social behaviour.
Twelve reports included nine shoplifting cases and two burglaries.
Twelve cases included 10 shoplifting offences and one possession of weapons report.
Eleven reports included eight anti-social behaviour cases and one burglary.
Eleven reports inlcuded three thefts and three violence and sexual offences (classed together).
Ten reports included seven violence and sexual offences (classed together).
Ten complaints included eight reported shoplifting offences and one case of theft.
The number of reported offences in Hartlepool in January 2019 was 1,365.This compares to 1,370 in December 2018 and 1,335 in January 2018.
Figures refer to the overall number of investigations which have been completed, discontinued or are pending. Some longer addresses have been divided into sections for recording purposes.