'How will they enforce it?' - 16 things you said about new orders for dog owners in Hartlepool

Dog owners have been having their say as Hartlepool Borough Council brings in new rules.

Wednesday, 23rd January 2019, 8:45 am
Updated Wednesday, 23rd January 2019, 8:53 am
The amount of dog mess in Hartlepool is said to be getting out of hand.

Four new enforcement orders have been introduced by the local authority - meaning that owners could face a £100 fine if they are found not to be carrying bags to clear up after their pets. The orders also include an "all dogs on leads order" for North Cemetery, restricting lead length to a maximum 1.5 metres in all Hartlepool cemeteries and extending the existing dog exclusion order at the former paddling pool on Seaton seafront.

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Coun Allan Barclay, who represents Manor House ward, said he was "all for" the orders, and added: "At the end of the day the more I look going through this town we've got to do something about the dog waste. It’s absolutely crazy."

A communications campaign will now be launched to raise awareness of the orders across town.

You have been having your say on the issue on social media - with many welcoming the changes as a further measure to clean up the streets.

Others said they thought that enforcing the checks for bags would be "impossible".

Owners could face fines if they are found not to be carrying bags.

Here is how you reacted to the plan on the Hartlepool Mail Facebook page:

Liz Rhodes-Lobb: "It's about time HBC clamped down on this disgusting lazy attitude of dog owners ... clean-up after your dog!"

Billy Bastow: "And who is going to stop the dog owners and ask them if they have bags? You need dog wardens who have the power to stop and ask."

Kevin Fox: "Given they need to have 'just cause to stop and search' how are they going to prove you don't have any bags if you refuse to show them. I have no problem picking up my dog's poo but why should I have to prove to some i have bags to do it. They need to start worrying about the town's bigger problems."

The council has brought in four new enforcement orders for dog owners.

Ian Harrison: "Impossible enforcement in many ways."

Scott Collin: "I wish them well enforcing this. How many people will they need to employ to 'stop and search' dog owners? We haven't got a proper police station or hospital yet this is a priority."

Therese Allen: "Doesn't bother me in the slightest - I always have a pocket full of bags but will there be enough enforcers to monitor the scheme?"

David Riseley: "What happens if a person says they have a bag in their pocket but refuse to show it? Is it an offence not to produce one?"

Hartlepool Borough Council headquarters.

Donna Leonard: "I am very happy with this! As a responsible dog owner I have at times out on walks picked other dogs' poo up and bags that have been thrown and disposed of them! The bags can be put in almost any bin including your own green bins so there’s no excuse at all, just lazy people!"

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Ruth Wilson: "What if you’re near the end of your walk and have used all your poo bags?"

Carol Rose: "I take a pocket full out and use them to pick my dog's poo up but mostly other peoples dogs it's just lazy not cleaning up after your pets."

Darren Peart: "Any responsible dog owner, like myself will understand that however many coats you have, there are always about 20 odd poopy bags in all their coat pockets."

Nicola Rudd: "Good ... I don't own a dog and I'm sick of cleaning up after other people's outside my house. Not the dogs fault but lazy owners."

Paula Melrose: "This will only work if regularly, effectively policed and the fines that are given out have to be paid regardless of income."

Sarah Louise Bright: "All well and good but some owners dump the used bags."

Donna Leonard: "If people think that this isn’t going to tackle this problem then instead of slating the council's attempt at solving it and actually provide your own ideas at how this can/could be done!"

Paul Williams: "How will they enforce it? What if someone simply refuses to show evidence of a bag?"