Labour Leader rallies crowds in South Tyneside

Jeremy Corbyn was met with cheers when he paid tribute to the members of the Jarrow Crusade.

Saturday, 1st October 2016, 2:29 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 12:44 pm
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in Jarrow.

The newly elected Labour Leader was guest speaker at a family day to mark the 80th anniversary of the 1936 Right to Work March.

The event, held at Monkton Stadium, was planned to honour the 200 men who made the trek from Jarrow to London, alongside trade union officials, to highlight the plight of their town.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in Jarrow.

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This was Mr Corbyn's first public speech since being elected as leader of the Labour Party and he used it not only to honour the Jarrow marchers, but to rally his supporters in the need to keep fighting for the same causes.

He said: "We remember those who campaigned to defend out jobs, our communities and our industries.

"We are united in the economic direction in which we wish to go. We are united in wanting to deal with the housing crisis, shortages in education and the defense of our health services. We are united on the principals of human rights and communities coming together.

"That is the kind of memory we should have of those brave people that endured such hardship 80 years ago.

Tyler Lopes, ten, who was delighted to meet Jeremy Corbyn.

"In their memory let's be proud of what they did. In their memory let's strive for equality and for justice and for human rights. Let's strive to make sure that no community and nobody is left behind."

Mr Corbyn spent more than an hours taking to mingling with crowd, speaking to stall holders and many of his fans.

Young Tyler Lopes, ten, from Hebburn, was delighted that the Labour Leader bought one of his homemade keyrings he was selling to make money to buy more football trading cards.

He said: "It was amazing to talk to him. I will be telling everyone at school."

Laura Baxter, left, and Harriet McCann, who are huge supporters of Jeremy Corbyn.

Two of Mr Corbyn's biggest supporters, 16-year-old students, Laura Baxter and Harriet McCann, were overjoyed to meet him and have their photos taken.

The Cleadon pair, who are both studying A-level politics, said they are huge supporters of Labour and more so Jeremy Corbyn.

Harriet said: "It is amazing that he has come here to Jarrow. For us it was like meeting Harry Styles, we just love him. It feels like you can really believe what he is saying, he is honest about it."

Laura said: "It feels like he will really change things."

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in Jarrow.

Mr Corbyn was joined by a number of guest speakers, including relatives of some of the Jarrow marchers, and Jarrow MP Stephen Hepburn.

There were lots of stalls and a funfair as well as live music from Westoe Brass Band.

Tyler Lopes, ten, who was delighted to meet Jeremy Corbyn.
Laura Baxter, left, and Harriet McCann, who are huge supporters of Jeremy Corbyn.