Let's be free

Why I think we should leave Europe.

Monday, 23rd May 2016, 9:12 am
Updated Monday, 23rd May 2016, 10:16 am

It all starts with Germany again.

Merkel invited one million migrants. She got two million.

Ms Merkel has wrecked all of the Mediterranean countries with bail-outs, costing trillions.

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On trade with Europe – we buy German cars and French cars.

They are not going to stop selling them to us.

We have also got 53 Commonwealth countries to trade with, and the world.

We can’t deport drug dealers, rapists and the like.

The In group says leaving will cost jobs.

It has cost 75,000 jobs in the fishing industry!

I have heard that a local company is now employing mostly foreign workers.

So please think when you vote what it all means.

Let’s be free.

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