Let's Twist again - with memories of the Queens Rink

Lulu, Larry Mason and Eric Delaney '“ they all played at a famous Hartlepool venue.

Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 10:27 am
Updated Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 10:31 am
The Queens Rink - a favourite haunt for so many Hartlepool people.

So did Chris Barber, and Johnny Kidd and the Pirates.

We are talking, of course, about the Queens Rink, which still brings back fond memories for so many people.

A view of the Queens Rink.

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And when we asked which bands you remembered seeing, we got lots of responses.

Leading the way was Barbara Duffy who said: “Chris Barber and his traditional jazz band!”

Millicent Harrower loved a trip to the Queens Rink and Peter de Dee said: “First Liverpool band I saw at the Rink in the 60s was – Lee Castle and the Barons ... Names always stuck.”

Brian Hart said it was a “great Saturday night” at the Queens Rink while Doreen Laybourn really did fill us in with plenty of details.

A view of the Queens Rink.

She said: “The lads all walked around the dance floor looking for a girl. No bar in there.

“Only coffee bar or soft drinks ,and people used to meet under the clock to meet their partners. Good times xx”

Pam Mckenna had a different recollection of it all and said: “Remember all the buses lined up outside to get home !!!!!!!”

And we thank Maureen Connell who told us: “I was introduced to my husband Bill in the Rink and we are coming up to our 53 years wedding anniversary in October.

“We saw lots of groups including Johnny Kidd and the Pirates. Good old days.”

Mavis Minister was just as helpful with her reply and said: “I saw the big bands there in the late 50s early 60s.”

She remember Eric Delaney who “played big kettle drums. I remember Larry Mason, the singer for the Rink band.

“He always sang Girl Of My Dreams for the last dance for romancers and chancers,ha ha.”

Mavis described them as “lovely memories of days long gone never to return,xx.”

And then she added: “P.S. Larry was a Rington tea man during the week, was my future mum-in-law’s teaman.xx”

Alf Forcer saw Lulu at thr Queen’s Rink while Bet Burey completed the wonderful memories,.

She said: “Great nights at the Rink.

“My friend Linda Hart and I wore our high heels and flared dresses and bopped the night away.”

Plenty of you liked the post on social media, including Alan Jones, Sue Gibbon, June Sewell, David Field, Anth Ashta and Ray Smith.

The former ballroom was first built as a skating rink in 1910, and was based in Clarence Road, next to Hartlepool United’s ground.

It was a favourite haunt for dancers after 1933 as skating was limited to the winter months.

In its heyday, it was the place where many couples met and married after dancing the night away at the Rink.

But time was called on the venue in 1968 and it had to be demolished in 1972 after a vandal attack left it in a dangerous condition.

Thanks to everyone who shared memories.