Letter of the week: 'Armed Forces committee deserve Freedom of Hartlepool'

The Hartlepool Armed Forces Day event earlier this month.The Hartlepool Armed Forces Day event earlier this month.
The Hartlepool Armed Forces Day event earlier this month.
I would like to offer my congratulations to Lt Col Mike Facchini, Paul Williams, David Stacey and all of the members of the Armed Forces liaison committee for the splendid event they organised to mark Armed Forces Day.

It took a full year of planning, much hard work by the Armed Forces committee members and, apart from one slight hiccup, it was a magnificent success.

The veterans, those members of the Armed Forces who served their country and made it back home, were resplendently dressed in their blazers and regimental ties, proudly wearing their medals as they marched behind their standards.

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However, along came the leader of Hartlepool Borough Council and his partner

No ties, wearing scruffy jeans with shirts hanging out.

This is not the dress code anyone who has any pride in themselves and the town they represent would chose to wear to meet The Lord Lieutenant of Durham.

It was disrespectful, not only to the Lord Lieutenant, but also to all the members of the Armed Forces, the cadet forces, the ex-service personnel and the general public who had turned up to witness the event.

As for their colleague, surely a suit and tie, and the mayor’s chain of office would have been more appropriate than that “one size fits all” robe he was wearing.

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I shudder to think of how Hartlepool’s finest may dress up for Armed Forces Day 2019.

Well done the Armed Forces liaison committee.

Freedom of Hartlepool anyone?

Edward Powell,

Birchill Gardens,