Letter of the week: Closing A19 Hartlepool crossings is a bridge too far for now

The A19 turn-offs to Elwick and Dalton Piercy are becoming more hazardous due to an ever-increasing traffic volume.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 21 December, 2018, 11:49

However, to close them before a new access bridge is in place is a bit short-sighted (U-turn ban plan for killer Hartlepool stretch of A19).

Look what happened with the University Hospital of Hartlepool, which was closed before the now defunct Wynyard hospital plan had a brick laid.

Just look at the resultant chaos and heartache that has caused!

Since the A19 and A66 have some sections on a 50mph speed limit, it would make sense to spend a small portion of the proposed Hartlepool Western Growth Corridor budget on placing a couple of safety cameras and some 50mph speed limit signs on the stretch of road between, say, the A19 garage and the A179 flyover until such times that a flyover bridge into Elwick, similar to the one built a few years ago close to Swan house and Trenholme Lane further down the A19, can be completed.

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There could also be a small road running parallel to the A19 from the Dalton Piercy junction northward to Elwick so that those residents can access the A19 north bound via the new flyover.

If Hartlepool Borough Council is truly interested in safety on our section of the A19, and not wanting to cause hardship to the village and farming communities then I suggest it seriously considers and implements my speed signage proposal sooner rather than later.

Eric Porritt,Clifton Avenue,Hartlepool.

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