Letter of the week: Hartlepool MP's Brexit views are against majority of public vote

Hartlepool MP Mike Hill.Hartlepool MP Mike Hill.
Hartlepool MP Mike Hill.
Hartlepool MP Mike Hill, a committed 'remainer', is in my view trying, via the Hartlepool Mail, to convert residents to change their minds after voting overwhelmingly to leave the EU at the referendum.

He obeyed the Labour whips to vote to frustrate the best deal for the UK, or no deal, in order to get a meaningful vote in Parliament.

This would, obviously, be against the wishes of 52% of the UK public.

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Mr Hill commented on the article (Mail, February 15), How Brexit will hit UK regions and industries, written by Raquel Ortega-Argiles (University of Birmingham) and Philip McCann (University of Sheffield).

Wen Chen, Bart Los, Mark Thissen and Frank Van Oort were co-investigators on the research.

Project fear is still alive and well.

The likes of Mike Hill face a £76,000 pay cut at the next election.

Geoff Bulmer,

Hart Village.

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