Letter of the week: 'Tory ministers deserve season tickets for Darlington'

What an absolute mess this Tory government is in.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 26 July, 2018, 18:49
Hartlepool United legend Joe Allon celebrates his famous winning goal at Darlington in 1997. Our letter writer suggests certain Government ministers deserve season tickets at Darlo.

Not long ago the Home Secretary resigned and the Foreign Secretary had a day out in Kabul rather than vote in the Heathrow third runway debate, and has since resigned over Brexit.

The Transport Secretary hasn’t a clue how to solve the train crisis, and I’m convinced the former Health Secretary didn’t realise the NHS is in such a mess.

Instead of sacking him, the Prime Minister promoted him to Foreign Secretary.

We now discover the Brexit Secretary has resigned and that the Works and Pensions Secretary has twice misled the House of Commons.

Normally you get sacked if you mislead the House.

Do it twice and you also get a season ticket for Darlington!

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Is this the “strong and stable” government Theresa May promised us before the last general election?

Peter McClure,

Mountbatten Close,