Maggie's vote

The EU (in its many guises) was established on lies and deceit.

For over 40 years it has been perpetuated by lies and deceit.

It comes as no surprise that the ‘remain’ camp relies on lies, deceit and scare-mongering in its campaign to keep us in the EU.

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So when Charles Powell, Margaret Thatcher’s former Private Secretary, declared recently that, were she alive today, Lady Thatcher would vote ‘remain’ in the forthcoming EU referendum, the servile media, particularly the BBC, heralded these comments as if they were an unquestionable truth.

It appears that Mr Powell’s declaration was just another pro-EU porky pie.

Tory MP Bill Cash has produced a letter he received from Mrs Thatcher, dated March 17, 1993, which indicates fairly clearly how she would be likely to vote in the forthcoming referendum.

In her letter Mrs Thatcher wrote: “I understand that it is being suggested in some quarters that I would have agreed to the Maastricht treaty.

“May I make it clear that I would NOT have done so.

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“In my view it is contrary to British interests and damaging to our parliamentary democracy.”

This is one glaring example among many that exemplify how the ‘remain’ camp intends to fight to keep us shackled to the totally moribund and anti-democratic EU.

Let us get our country back.

Vote ‘leave’ when the day of decision arrives.

Dave Pascoe,

Press Secretary,

Ukip Hartlepool branch,

Dunbar Road,