No elections

For those still undecided as to whether to vote leave or remain ponder this.

Thursday, 23rd June 2016, 9:29 am
Updated Thursday, 23rd June 2016, 10:33 am

The term “united states of Europe” has been bandied about and suggests that the EU will emulate the United States of America.

Not so.

As we can see in the US right now, the two candidates are campaigning for the presidency by touring the country, being seen and heard debating on TV and radio by the people who will then make their choice.

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When did Jean-Claude Juncker or his predecessor, Herman Van Rompuy, campaign in the UK?

In the US the state governors, mayors et al are elected by the people.

If we vote to remain there will be no such elections.

The EU is more reminiscent of the old Soviet Bloc, in which the east European countries were ruled with a rod of iron by Moscow.

Take a look at the current EU leaders.

They are left-leaning socialists and/or communists.

If we vote to remain, the system of democratically elected government will, in my opinion, eventually be abolished and replaced by an appointed governor.

The EU exports more to us than we do to it.

Think of all the German, French and Italian car companies; of Lidl and Aldi – all success stories over here.

Are they going to “cut off their noses to spite their faces” by ceasing to trade with us?

If so, how do they explain it to their workforces when they tell them that many of them will be sacked?

How do they justify the loss of a huge market share to their shareholders?

Our country has a proud history of establishing democracy, government, the rule of law and trade in many countries around the world, many of which are now independent nations.

We have produced many prominent engineers, scientists, politicians, explorers, and have fought and won numerous battles to protect our country and way of life.

Are we now to allow ourselves to meekly be subjugated by a cabal of unelected foreigners in Brussels?

Have we become so timid, weak and frightened that we must have our hands held for fear for our future?

Do we really need to be told what size and shape our fruit and vegetables should be and the wattage of our light bulbs and vacuum cleaners?

Whatever happened to British grit, determination and endeavour?

How could a country with our history be so easily reduced to servitude?

Vote leave.

Bill Burchell,

Loyalty Close,