Oscars - the place with great views to watch the world pass by

Mail readers had lots to tell us when we asked for memories of early memories of a Hartlepool wine bar.

Tuesday, 7th March 2017, 10:00 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:22 am
Inside Oscars in 1985.

We wanted to know what people remembered of the York Road favourite Oscars. We have photographs of it from the 1980s and 1990s.

More than 13,000 people spotted our posting of a photograph of the venue on social media. Lots of you took the time to leave comments.

Inside Oscars in 1985.

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Gary Carter remembered the place and reminded us that Terry Hammond was the first manager, adding: “Good times.”

Diane Tucker was another who paid a visit and said: “Yes I remember Oscar’s. It was our second pub to go in of the night with the girls.”

Jayne Gray wasn’t alone in posting: “I believe this was Hartlepool’s first proper wine bar.”

And Stewart Bentham told us: “Have fond memories in my teenage years.”

Oscars in Hartlepool.

Lesley Jackson said the photograph from the 1980s brought back “great memories.”

And Dave Bell said: “I went in when it first opened as a cocktail and wine bar.”

Nicola Ryan said she “Loved it in here” while Anth Leck said it was one of the places he and his friends visited.

Others on the itinerary would include “the Grange then out of the back door to bogards into 42..... great memories.”

Inside Oscars in 1985.

Liz Dalton said she “Used to love this pub.”

Nidge Gladstone described them as “happy days” while Jackie Clark had another reason to remember it from almost three decades ago.

“I worked there when I first came to Hartlepool in 1990.”

She added: “Fab pub but nobody could understand my Welsh accent!!”

Oscars in Hartlepool.

Tracey Featonby said: “Sure did I love it x”

And Joanne Ghaut loved it, saying: “We had the best of times xx”

Terry Hammond said it was “very nice when it first opened” and others agreed incuding Tracey Stabler.

Debbie Roberts said Oscars was the “first wine bar of our pub crawl lovely pint x.”

Shirley Cowell told us: “Went on opening night. Favourite of ours great nights in there.”

Tony Hammond said: “Great place” while Diane Liddle had particularly happy memories of the view from oscars.

“Sat in the window with me mam and watched the world pass us by. Good old days xx,” she told us.

Sylvia Marshall was another to say she loved paying a visit and others who also spotted the post included Julie Walker, Sue Wright, Jason Beukeslewis, Tracy Hughes, Nicola Hewitt, Anne Watson and Sylvia Marshall.

Thanks to to Bev Yull, Morag Maclellan, Michael Taylor, Angela McIntyre, Julie Joyson, Mark Barnard and Carole Coupland who also spotted the post.

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