You've done well in your A levels. Congratulations! Now pose with your results against your will so we can put it in the paper.

The 13 things that go through every teenagers' head when they pick up their A-level results

Nerves, excitement, heartbreak, relief – it’s a whirlwind of emotions for thousands of teenagers across the UK who found out their exam results after years of hard work.

Friday, 16th August 2019, 11:06 am

Our photographers have been across the region this morning to capture the important moment in many young people’s lives as they get ready to embark on their future as… adults! From jumping with joy to holding up your results in the obligatory photograph for your parents’ proud Facebook post, we hazard a guess at what is going through their heads – other than the daunting prospect of having to cook their own tea at uni. Can you live off microwavable pizzas?

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