Census sheds light on town's women

Women census data.Women census data.
Women census data.
New data from the 2021 census has revealed significant differences between the roles of men and women in Hartlepool.

The census survey – taken in March 2021 – shows that, of the 92,338 people in Hartlepool, 47,653 are women and account for 51.6% of the town's population.

It also shows that women made up 60% of unpaid carers in the area - looking after someone because of long-term physical or mental health conditions and old age without compensation.

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This is similar to the trend across England and Wales where there are approximately 2.8 million female unpaid carers and approximately 1.9 million male unpaid carers.

Additionally, women in Hartlepool were more likely to have a disability than men – with 23.9% stating they were disabled in the census, compared to 21.7% of men.

The survey also highlighted women in the area were more likely than men to identify with a sexuality other than heterosexual – with 1,220 women (3.1%)

identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual compared to 840 men (2.4%).

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The data also shows 96.4% of women in the area identified as white, 0.5% as black, 1.8% as Asian, 0.7% as mixed and 0.6% as another ethnicity.

The data came in the week of International Women's Day and women's rights charity The Fawcett Society says more concerted action is needed to tackle gender inequality.

The charity’s chief executive, Jemima Olchawski, said: "This Government must urgently reform the childcare system so that it is affordable, accessible, and works for women and employers must make flexible work the default position.”