Cheaper buses demand from Hartlepool passengers as they have their say on cost of transport

If the system is better, it will be used – that’s the view of Hartlepool people who want to see a cheaper and more efficient bus service set up.

Saturday, 7th September 2019, 8:00 am
Updated Saturday, 7th September 2019, 9:05 am
Seaton Carew Bus Station is a key location for visitors taking journeys to and from the seafront.
Seaton Carew Bus Station is a key location for visitors taking journeys to and from the seafront.

Research by the Transport Focus watchdog found the time and cost of using buses is among the most common reasons for people deciding to use other ways of getting about.

We asked if readers think public transport is too expensive, with 90% of the 137 votes cast supporting the view it costs too much to catch the bus.,

Among those to have their say is Andy Glover, who said: “The government want people out of cars and onto public transport.

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“Build it and they will come.

“If public transport was more affordable and more convenient with greater coverage and convenience then people will use it.

“Same with the electric cars, they want people to go electric, and there are two or three charging points at most in the car parks that have any at all, most don’t.”

Dave Ryan said: “I'd rather keep my car and motorbike that use any stinking bus.

“Not only are the fares too high and time and distance travel a joke, but they stink also.

“The last time I used a bus was over 10 years ago and spend nearly three flipping hours on the stink train just getting from Hartlepool to Middlesbrough and cost me more than it would in my car.

“It takes 10 minutes to get from hartlepool to Middlesbrough by car and nearly three hours on a bus.

“I'd rather walk and I bet I'd still get there before a bus.”

Bryan Littler added: “It’s £2.40 for a single from Hart Village to the town and one bus an hour.

“No thanks.”

Christopher Skinner said: “Cheaper to get a taxi if there's a couple of you.”