Hartlepool ghost-hunters search for spooks in historic hotel where spirit is said to have dragged a child out or bed

A group of Hartlepool shop workers raised money for an anti-bullying charity by undergoing a spooky experience at a haunted hotel.

Monday, 11th November 2019, 6:00 am
Matalan Hartlepool staff join North East Paranormal Investigations at the Manor House Hotel in Ferryhill.

Staff from Matalan in Hartlepool went hunting for things that go bump in the night by taking part in a sponsored paranormal investigation at The Manor House Hotel, Ferryhill.

They raised money for Teesside anti bulling charity Sensei.

The Manor House Hotel has previously been featured in TV’s Most Haunted programme when host Yvette Fielding ran in fear from the cellar.

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The group were spooked by a toilet that seemingly flushed by itself.

Jo Banks from Hartlepool of the group North East Paranormal Investigations, which organised the event, said: “I chose this venue as it is said to be highly active, was large enough to accommodate us all and also as they support the Sensei charity.

“This Grade 2 listed building is by far the oldest in the area, dating back to the 16th Century, and has been many things over the years.”

Landlord Gareth Rowell said: “I have experienced loads of spooky stuff in here, from glasses being thrown, guests being pulled off stools, once a guest said he felt as though someone was sitting at the bottom of the bed and when he sat up his trainers were thrown across the bedroom; he slept the remainder of his stay in his works van.

“A sleeping child once had been dragged out of bed and held against the wall by his neck. Shadow figures which catch your eye, smells, you name it.”

Two groups used Ouija boards and eerily both produced the same numbers and letters which the landlord recognised as the last five numbers of his old telephone number and the initials of a former close friend.

And as the party went upstairs, the single public toilet, behind them flushed despite the cubicle being empty and no one nearby.

They also ventured into the cellar that had not been accessed for a couple of years and where Yvette Fielding previously yelled ‘let me out of this place!’.

The event raised over £160 for Sensei which works to inform, educate and raise awareness of the consequences of bullying, and aims to forge partnerships with charities, schools, universities, colleges and corporate bodies.