Hartlepool lads thanked by special police officers after stopping to help collapsed man

A team of special police officers who work with paramedics to keep people safe on a Friday night have sent thanks to a group of young men who went to the aid of a collapsed man.

Saturday, 20th July 2019, 15:25 pm
Updated Sunday, 21st July 2019, 11:27 am
The Medicar team went to the aid of a man in Hartlepool after a group first went to his aid. Photo by Cleveland Police Special Constabulary.

Cleveland Police's Special Constabulary has hailed the helpers after they spotted the man in difficulties, with the force’s medicar going to his aid.

A spokesman for the team said: “Our medicar was out again last night working across the whole force area.

“We would like to thank the group of young lads in Hartlepool who stopped to help a man who had collapsed and was struggling to breathe in the early hours.

“They managed to get him in the recovery position and flagged our vehicle down to help.

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“The male was checked over by a North East Ambulance Service on-board paramedic, given oxygen and taken to hospital for further investigation.”

The 12-month medicar project was launched at the end of last year and sees paramedics will be spend from 7pm to 3am with police colleagues in an effort to provide immediate care to injured Cleveland residents and ease the pressure on both services.

The teams responds to incidents which would traditionally be attended by both services separately, such as road traffic collisions and assaults.

With access to incidents via the police radio, the Medicar team contacts any officer requesting ambulance back up, travelling straight to the scene to begin any necessary treatment immediately and establish what further ambulance assistance, if any, is required.