Hartlepool Mail readers say 'No thanks' to same sex couples on Strictly Come Dancing

Faye Tozer and Giovanni Pernice on last year's seriesFaye Tozer and Giovanni Pernice on last year's series
Faye Tozer and Giovanni Pernice on last year's series | Other 3rd Party
Hartlepool Mail readers have given a thumbs-down to the idea of same sex couples competing on Strictly Come Dancing.

The hugely popular show returns next weekend – with North East comic Chris Ramsey among those competing – and BBC bosses have confirmed they are open to having same sex couples next year.

We asked readers what they thought – and just over half of voters in our Facebook poll said they opposed the proposal. Opinions from people commenting below were divided, with many saying they could not understand the problem with the plan.

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Paul Nicholson said: “It's common in dance schools for older kids to dance with the younger ones, it's also very common for the older girls and women to dance with one another in competitions as there are very few gents that are dancing compared to the ladies.

I couldn't be bothered one way or the other what the gender is, it's dancing for crying out loud.

Lee Johnson agreed: “ Equality!! No issues with that at all,” he said, while Sally Hart asked: “Why wouldn't there be same sex couples? What's the actual issue?”

Neil Robertson, however, was unimpressed: “I'm the most tolerant person iI know, but why? A very, very small part of the population.

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Why do they feel it must be included? A lot less than say Naturists, but do they get a shout too?”

Kevin Bolton was ready to reach for the off switch: “I will stop watching it if it comes in,” he said.

“This political correct climate we now live in is ruining this once great country.”

Andy Cave said the move was ‘pathetic’ and added: “Why change something that has been the same for years ? It's ridiculous. It's all because a few individuals say it's unfair to gay people. What a joke can you imagine if their was a hetro sexual carnival like gay pride ? There would be uproar saying it was discrimination against gay people. World's gone mad.”

But Midnyt Shamalan was unimpressed by his argument: “”hy change something that has been the same for years" is a hilarious sentence.”