Hartlepool slimmer Andrea renewed wedding vows after amazing weight loss

Romantic Andrea Ramshaw celebrated losing a fantastic eight stones by renewing her wedding vows to her husband on a Caribbean cruise.

Monday, 10th February 2020, 6:00 am

Andrea, 40, from Blackhall, is a new woman after joining Slimming World at West View community centre in Hartlepool back in 2018.

Treatment for breast cancer in 2017 including chemotherapy and steroids led to her putting on three stones.

Andrea, a nurse, married to Brian, joined the slimming group after spotting a poster and took it as a sign to help prevent a reoccurrence of the cancer.

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Andrea Ramshaw before and after she lost eight stones after joining Slimming World at West View community centre in Hartlepool.

“I struggled with confidence to walk into group not knowing what to expect but I found it so friendly from the start," she said.

Andrea said Slimming World showed her how to enjoy the foods she loves while at the same time getting fitter, healthier and slimmer.

She said: “It is all to do with portion sizes,” she said. “And there are loads of ways to cook things differently.

“I love food optimising. My favourite meals right now are Cajun dirty rice and the Slimming World meal mac and greens.

Andrea and Brian Ramshaw renewing their wedding vows on the Caribbean cruise ship in December.

“My family eat the same and my husband is my cook. I followed everything they told me at Slimming World and it worked for me.

“You are also allowed so many sins per day. My biggest challenge was bread. But I soon realised I could still eat it and limit the amount.”

Andrea also began to exercise more, going on walks with Brian and says she now feels fitter, has more energy and no longer gets breathless while exercising.

She said she could not have achieved losing eight stones and four pounds without the support of Janice Bryson and the rest of the West View group which meet at Miers Avenue every Monday and Wednesday and where Andrea is still a member.

She added: “After reaching target I decided to renew my wedding vows on holiday in the Caribbean in December as a surprise for my husband who is my rock.”

Slimming World has groups all over Hartlepool. To find your nearest visit their website at www.slimmingworld.co.uk