How inspiring Dottie O’Keefe from Hartlepool is amazing everyone with her progress

Just a year on from a life-changing operation on her spine, young Dottie O’Keefe is continuing to surprise people every day.

Wednesday, 8th May 2019, 08:54 am
Dottie O'Keefe has been on an amazing journey.

The Hartlepool five-year-old, who has cerebral palsy, is making incredible progress towards walking unaided. She has also hit the milestone of riding a scooter, astounding her parents. As Dottie continues her journey, we take a look at her story in pictures.

Dottie O'Keefe meets consultant John Gooden who carried out her operation at Leeds General Infirmary.
Dottie O'Keefe recovering in Leeds General Infirmary hospital after undergoing a five-hour operation to help her walk.
Dottie O'Keefe, on her scooter.

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Look at Dottie go!
The community helped Dottie and her family raise £35,000 towards her operation.
Dottie's parents have said they are very happy with her progress.
Medical professionals say Dottie is hitting all of her targets.
Dottie O'Keefe with mother Helen.
Dottie hooks a duck at a fundraising event to help with her operation.
Dottie has daily physiotherapy at Grange Primary School.
Dottie dressed as Wonder Woman when she was three.
A cheeky smile from Dottie.
Dottie before her operation.
Dottie was born 15 weeks prematurely.
Dottie's family and the community rallied around to raise thousands.
Dottie crosses the finish line at the Miles for Men Walk, which raised thousands towards her operation appeal.