How jobseekers can join free woodturning courses in Hartlepool

Free woodturning and woodcraft courses are now available in town for people seeking work.

Woodturning Hartlepool, based in Brougham Terrace, is offering a six-day training course where students will gain valuable skills and a certificate in health and safety.

The founder of Woodturning Hartlepool, Dennis Wake, has 20 years of experience as a professional woodturner and is recognised by the Register of Professional Turners.

Speaking about his profession, he said: “When I first began wood turning, one of the main things I noticed was how engrossed I became whilst I was working with the lathe.

Centre, Dennis Wake, Founder of Woodturning Hartlepool, with two students.

“It was like the whole world sort of melted away, my troubles with it, and it was just me and the lathe.”

He began his career at Catterick Garrison, supporting veterans living with the effects of PTSD.

One woodturning student said: “My biggest barrier in life was confidence. I came here and gained that confidence.

"This confidence has awakened something inside of me to think of the future and learn more new skills.”

Two students at Woodturning Hartlepool.

Another course attendee said: “It is interesting learning what to use and how to use the tools.

"It is relaxing, but you have to concentrate on what you are doing.

"Attending this course made me feel happy. When I’m not here, I talk about it all the time to my partner.”

Dennis has made his course available to wheelchair users, those with sensory loss and those living with severe mental health issues.

To get involved, call him on 07707 700338 or via email at [email protected]

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