Stunning pictures as photographer spots pod of splashing dolphins on the Hartlepool coast

A pod of dolphins was spotted near the Hartlepool coast over the weekend.

Sunday, 20th February 2022, 4:05 pm
Updated Monday, 21st February 2022, 3:54 pm

Hartlepool photographer Anthony Skordis captured the moment a pod of dolphins arrived at the Hartlepool coast on Saturday, February 19, describing the moment as a “mood uplifter”.

The dolphins were spotted at around 3.30pm with a pod of more than six of them putting on a show for around 10 minutes as they jumped in and out of the water.

A few more followed them shortly after.

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Picture of the dolphins by Anthony Skordis.

Anthony, who is originally from London, but moved to Hartlepool more than three years ago, headed out to the coast after seeing a post in the Dolphin Spotting NE Facebook group that the dolphins had been seen at Seaham.

Anthony, 46, said: “Sometimes you can go out, you can be waiting hours for them if they turn up or they might turn around and go the other way.

"I literally came out of my road and I walked up to the top of Marine Drive on the Headland and they were literally there, right in front of me.

"The sun had come out and they were leaping. They were going really fast. By the time they even got to the lighthouse, they were completely out of my sight, but I managed to get them breaching."

A pod of dolphins was spotted near Hartlepool on Saturday, February 19. Picture: Anthony Skordis.

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Stunning images show dolphins splashing at Hartlepool's Headland as the sun goes...

Anthony managed to share the sight with a few families who were walking nearby so they were able to see the dolphins as well.

But Saturday’s spotting was special after a difficult couple of months for Anthony, whose dog Scarlett passed away a week before Christmas in 2021.

The professional photographer said: "Even a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t even walk around the corner to the sea, because it still reminded me of my dog. But I went out yesterday, with my camera, the sun was out, and then I had the leaping dolphins. It was a mood uplifter for sure.”

Anthony photographed Scarlett a few weeks before she died in the same spot he saw the dolphins. Picture: Anthony Skordis.

"I’ve had a tough time and it’s put a smile on my face after a bit of a down period and makes me appreciate what I have right on my doorstep.”

Anthony added: "Maybe she sent me the dolphins yesterday, that’s what I like to think.”

*You can follow Anthony’s photography on his Facebook page Anthony Skordis Photography or on his website

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Photographer Anthony Skordis at the Headland.

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The dolphins were jumping in and out of the water for about 10 minutes. Picture: Anthony Skordis.
The dolphins moved south at pace. Picture: Anthony Skordis.