Pigeon rescued during Hartlepool pond clean-up

A group of volunteers came to the rescue of a pigeon trapped in fishing wire.

Monday, 2nd July 2018, 11:47 am
Updated Wednesday, 4th July 2018, 5:15 pm
The team of volunteers who cleaned Rossmere pond.

The Friends of Rossmere group were taking part in a clean-up operation when they came across the terrified and trapped bird.

The animal had somehow managed to get itself caught in fishing line at the pond in Rossmere Park.

Cutting the pigeon free from the fishing wire.

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Stephen Taylor, a member of the group, said: “We rescued a pigeon which was so wrapped in fishing line that it took nearly 30 minutes to cut free.”

The rescue operation took place as part of the latest clean-up of the pond in the park.

Led by member of the group, Steve Heasham, the hardy volunteers took part in the event last weekend.

The Friends of Rossmere can be regularly seen in the park carrying out work to help keep it in the best condition possible for the public to enjoy.

Stephen said: “This time we pulled out lots more blanket weed, three bikes, scaffolding poles and a big barrel.”

The barrel, which had been filled with a black tar-like substance, was later recovered from the park.

Last month Hartlepool Borough Council said it will add barley straw to Rossmere Park’s pond after concerns from the Friends of Rossmere about the amount of blanket weed, which is said to be affecting wildlife.

The growth of the weed following recent warmer weather has been blamed by the community group for the death of a number of fish as the weed takes oxygen out of the water.

It is the result of green algae, which thrives when water temperature increases and there is an abundance of organic matter present. Adding barley straw to the water is a recognised way of reducing algal growth.

The council says it is committed to making all of the town’s parks welcoming and enjoyable places for visitors, and recently announced plans to spend more than £500,000 on improvements in Rossmere Park.