Call for more parish councils to serve Hartlepool at 'grass roots' level

People in Hartlepool are being urged to form parish councils to serve local communities at a “grass roots” level.

By Tom Patterson
Friday, 21st January 2022, 7:02 pm

The leader of Hartlepool Borough Council Cllr Shane Moore says the local groups can make a big difference in their local areas.

There are currently five areas of Hartlepool served by parish councils which include the rural parishes, the Headland and a new one which is being formed in Wynyard and due to begin in May.

Cllr Moore, who represents a ward with a parished area, said: “Parish councils have the ability to do some really amazing work by engaging with their immediate communities and thee results of their efforts can be seen across the borough.

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Regent Square Gardens.

“The Headland Parish Council has taken control of Regent Square Gardens as a community asset, Greatham Parish organise Greatham in Bloom, Dalton are working with Hartlepool Borough Council to build a new village hall and this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

He added: “Hartlepool has some really distinct communities who are very proud of where they live and I would love to see them empowered to take more control of their areas.

“I’ve already got plans to speak to a number of community organisations, residents’ associations and borough councillors who are keen to look at whether this is something that may work for their communities and I would encourage others who may be interested to get in touch.”

John Cambridge, the chairman of the Headland Parish Council, said: “The Headland has had a parish council for many years now.

Cllr Shane Moore. Picture by FRANK REID

"Among the things we do are paying for the second Christmas Tree along Throston end and we have we have been buying more and more Christmas lights over the past few years.

"We also contribute towards the carnival and we are working with residents to transform Regent Square Gardens for the benefit of all.”

He added: “If you have enough committed people you can make a really big difference to where you live.”

Anyone interested in exploring whether a parish council may work in their area is being urged to contact Cllr Moore by email at [email protected] or call 01429 284142.