Hartlepool council aims to clean up in 'the new normal'

Councillors are to discuss a review of key services following calls to go "back to basics" in Hartlepool and focus on tidying up the town.

A library picture of rubbish dumped in Hazel Grove, Hartlepool.
A library picture of rubbish dumped in Hazel Grove, Hartlepool.

A motion was passed by Hartlepool Borough Council earlier this year to look at new ways to ensure the maintenance, upkeep and cleanliness of the town.

A report has now been drawn up by the authority’s neighbourhoods and regulatory services department.

This covers areas as “complex and varied” as environmental services, civil enforcement, highways, trading standards and school meals.

The report, from department head Tony Hanson, praised the efforts of staff, especially their “tireless work” over the last 21 months since the pandemic.

However he acknowledged, with financial difficulties facing the council, there are areas needing work as they return to “the new normal”.

In his report, he said: “I remain extremely proud of the services we provide and despite the challenges that we have, and still face, we have continued to deliver many front line services to residents, visitors and businesses.

“The scale and intensity of the savings made within this department in recent years has meant that we have had to adapt, innovate, transform and evolve as we try to continue to deliver the best services we can.

“Taking into account the financial constraints that the council are encountering, it must be accepted that, with reduced resources, it can have an impact on performance.”

However, he added: “Despite all of this, our officers are dedicated and committed to the council, and are doing their upmost to ‘catch up’ on those services that we were not able to carry out to the high standards that we set ourselves.”