How Hartlepool United's promotion could help children's mental health and wellbeing

Hartlepool United players celebrate promotion last weekend at Bristol.Hartlepool United players celebrate promotion last weekend at Bristol.
Hartlepool United players celebrate promotion last weekend at Bristol.
Calls have been made to use Hartlepool United's promotion success to help provide a mental health and wellbeing boost to children across town.

Cllr Jim Lindridge, speaking at the latest Hartlepool Borough Council children’s services committee meeting, made the comments after councillors were given an update on the challenges the sector faces.

Officers added this includes high rates of poverty in areas of Hartlepool and an increasing number of children coming into care.

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Cllr Lindridge, chair of the committee, noted that the recent success of Pools being promoted back to the English Football League could be used to provide a boost to the wellbeing of young people.

He said: “I think what we need to do is build on the successes that we’ve had that reflect hopes and aspirations for the young children.

“I think one of the ways of doing this from a mental health and wellbeing point of view is we should jump on the back of Hartlepool’s promotion.

“I think the young children in the town and the adults would love it if we could look at the opportunities and explore that, to see if we can have some link-up with the young children in schools.”

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Officers noted conversations had been had with some schools over potentially carrying out some activities over the online Zoom platform with Hartlepool United before the end of term.

Latest figures indicate there are 345 children in care in the town

Hartlepool United returned to the Football League after a four-year absence last weekend after defeating Torquay United on penalties in the National League play-off final at Bristol.