Meet the candidates in Hartlepool Borough Council's Foggy Furze ward

Here's what candidates in the Foggy Furze ward have to say.

By Nic Marko
Monday, 2nd May 2022, 11:20 am

With council elections just around the corner, we’re shining the spotlight on Hartlepool’s candidates in the run-up to polling day.

Voters are due to head to polling stations on Thursday, May 5, in all 12 wards to have their say on who should represent them on Hartlepool Borough Council.

All candidates have been given the opportunity to tell readers why they’re standing and why you should vote for them.

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From left, Melanie Morley and Darren Price are the only candidates in the Foggy Furze ward to have provided photographs of themselves.

Here’s what candidates in the Foggy Furze ward have to say.

*Candidates are listed in the order they appeared on Hartlepool Borough Council’s list of candidates at the close of nominations.*

Barry McKinstray (Liberal Democrats)

No statement or image received from candidate.

Hartlepool Civic Centre.

Melanie Morley (Labour Party)

As a Hartlepool resident, solicitor and a mother of four children, I have a track record of getting things done.

Paramount to my success as a local solicitor is that I place people at the heart of what I do. I will listen to the issues you raise and offer practicable solutions.

I possess great integrity, courage and analytical skills to fight for better schools, combat poverty, jobs for our people, reduce dog fouling and combat crime within the Foggy Furze Ward.

I grew up in the Royal Air Force having lived in many different towns across the UK, including many years in Germany.

I proudly qualified as a solicitor at the age of 43, having previously worked for 15 years as a community engagement manager for two large national construction companies, and a local domestic abuse charity.

I will fight for you and together we will achieve great things!

Julie Normandale (Conservative Party)

(No picture provided)

Conservatives have a simple message this election;

As far as I am concerned, Labour has been in charge of Hartlepool for over half a century.

During that time, they have consistently increased our Council Tax up and up further, making Hartlepool one of the highest Council Taxes in the whole of England.

One of the only times Labour froze council tax was when the Conservative led Government gave Hartlepool a Freeze Grant.

Conservatives only became the largest group last year; Labour refused to support the budget including a Council Tax Freeze for 2021/22, but we managed to do it anyway, the only Council in Tees Valley to do so.

One year is not enough time to change over 50 years of Labour in charge; we need your support to help us continue Levelling up Hartlepool.

Darren Price (Independent)

It has been a privilege to represent the Foggy Furze ward this last year working with Stephen Picton.

We have made sure every message or email was replied to, we promised to work hard and we have.

We made sure we got money to redevelop Rift House recreation ground and we have. It wasn’t easy and it’s been a hard learning curve, but I think most will agree we smashed it.

If re-elected I promise to do more of the same, if not better, as I now have a bit of experience behind me.