MP voices concerns over plans to build up to 700 new homes on outskirts of Hartlepool

An artist's impression of how some of the planned Wynyard homes could look.An artist's impression of how some of the planned Wynyard homes could look.
An artist's impression of how some of the planned Wynyard homes could look.
An MP has added his voice to more than 650 objections to a plan to build up to 700 homes on the edge of Hartlepool.

Alex Cunningham said the outline proposals by Cameron Hall Developments and Jomast Developments for Wynyard were unsuitable over-development and should not be approved.

The Stockton North Labour MP put an objection in to Stockton Borough Council after hundreds of residents voiced their objections to the outline proposals for up to 700 homes with a “community centre, care and medical facilities, open space, golf course improvements and associated works”.

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He said: “Never before have I had so many contacts from local residents sharing their concerns about a development.”

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham.Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham.
Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham.

Mr Cunningham wrote in his objection: “The lack of detail on everything from impact assessments to the loss of amenity space I also believe are grounds alone for the application to be set aside.

“I am also well aware that the area, despite campaigning by myself and local people, still has no secondary school and none seems likely in the coming years, meaning even more children being transported to school elsewhere adding to the stresses on the road systems which are already considerable.

“I am surprised that there has been no comprehensive public consultation exercise by the developers, good grounds for the planning committee to reject the application and instruct the applicant to outline their plans in detail to local people.”

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Parish councils for Wynyard said the plans were flawed and flimsy, “vague and disjointed”, had minimal detail, went against the Local Plan and would remove natural habitats and decimate woodland.

Hartlepool Borough Council, which was also consulted, said it had no objections but still had some concerns, saying the development “has not been planned for”.

A spokesman for Cameron Hall Developments and Jomast Developments said: “Our proposal is currently in outline form and more detailed plans will be formulated through the planning process. Further technical work is currently being undertaken to support the planning application and as the plans evolve, we will be in a position to conduct a full stakeholder consultation process.

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He added: “We are aiming to provide more high-quality facilities including a village hall, as well as create new outdoor play spaces, walkways and cycleways, to improve on the current areas which have limited or no public access.”