Plans to grow housing in Hartlepool after falling behind in targets

Council chiefs have outlined plans to hit targets for housing growth after falling below the standard in recent years.
Picture c/o PA.Picture c/o PA.
Picture c/o PA.

A report to Hartlepool Borough Council Regeneration Services Committee noted there was a net delivery of 371 new homes in the borough for 2018/19, slightly below the target of 410.

It was an improvement on the 265 new homes delivered the previous year, however.

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Council chiefs explained they still believe the annual target of 410 dwellings is achievable, and following questions from councillors, outlined how they would catch up to the growth targets.

Andrew Carter, assistant director for economic growth and regeneration on the council, said they will do this as work is expected to begin this year at key housing sites in the town.

He said: “When we initially adopted the Local Plan in 2018 there were three strategic housing sites in the local plan delivering the bulk of those houses over the next 15 years.

“Only one of those strategic housing sites has started and that’s at Wynyard, the other two at High Tunstall and South West Extension, because of various reasons haven’t started yet.

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“It is anticipated at least one of them will start within the next year and when those start building you’ll be looking at least 35-70 houses a year getting built on those which is when we’ll catch up.

“As we sit here now officers are quite confident we’ll catch up with that [the target] in time.”

He added they would have a further look at the target if they still have not reached it in future years.

Councillors praised the importance of new homes for raising more money through council tax in the area.

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Coun Christopher-Akers Belcher, chair of the committee, also praised upcoming bungalow plans which will contribute to housing targets.

He said: “What’s been welcome over the last few months is the proposal from Thirteen for the bungalows on the Brierton site which is going to help and they’re very keen to build them quite quickly.

“The Tanfield Road site as well has been targeted for additional bungalows.

“That’ll all go towards our target because I think they’ll be very keen to get those schemes underway very quickly.”