RECAP: How Hartlepool council election results unfolded

All results are now in for election night.

Friday, 6th May 2022, 3:50 am

This is how the count unfolded.

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At the count in Hartlepool.

LIVE: Hartlepool council elections 2022

Last updated: Friday, 06 May, 2022, 03:36

    Polling stations close at 10pm

    Voters have until 10pm to cast their ballots at polling stations. Many have already voted in advance by post.

    Wards to watch

    De Bruce - deputy group leader Councillor Jonathan Brash is defending his seat against Conservative James Brewer.

    Headland and Harbour - Council leader Shane Moore, of the Independent Union, is up for re-election, facing competition from Labour and Conversative candidates.

    Fens and Greatham - Labour’s Jennifer Elliott is also hoping to hold her seat in an election rematch against Bob Buchan, now representing the Conservatives, after the result between the two last year was subject to a High Court challenge.

    Councillor in court during election build up

    Councillor pleads guilty to assault during run-up to election

    A Hartlepool councillor standing for re-election pleaded guilty to an assault by beating just days before the vote.

    Gordon Cranney, Conservative councillor for the Seaton ward, pleaded guilty to an assault by beating at Teesside Magistrates Court on April 28.

    Court papers state the offence happened on February 6, in Hartlepool, and Mr Cranney “assaulted” a woman “by beating her”.

    Cranney was given a community order for 24 months and told to attend a Building Better Relationships programme.

    Fens and Greatham ward is a recount for the second year running - between the same two candidates.

    Jennifer Elliott for Labour and Bob Buchan for the Conservatives (last year Independent Union).

    Labour ‘looking to rebuild trust’ in Hartlepool

    Labour group deputy leader Jonathan Brash, who is seeking re-election, says the party has been laser focused in its campaign on the cost of living crisis and other issues affecting people.

    After last year’s poor results he said: “Labour has gone through a very difficult time in Hartlepool but we’re working hard. That is the key to rebuilding trust.”

    Labour’s deputy leader Jonathan Brash has held his seat in the first Hartlepool result of the night.

    Council leader Shane Moore has also been re-elected to his Headland and Harbour seat

    Counting concluded in Hartlepool

    All results in

    A flurry of result announcements has seen counting concluded in Hartlepool.


    Jonathan Brash (Labour Party) - 1,183

    James Brewer (Conservative Party) - 531


    Rachel Creevy (Labour Party) - 723

    Tony Mann (Independent) - 95

    David Normandale (Conservative Party) - 377

    Anne Marie Waters (The For Britain Movement) - 203


    Bob Buchan (Conservative Party) - 964

    Jennifer Elliott (Labour Party) - 922


    Barry McKinstray (Liberal Democrats) - 82

    Melanie Morley (Labour Party) - 631

    Julie Mary Normandale (Conservative Party) - 391

    Darren Price (Independent) - 490


    Sam Lee (Independent) - 448

    John Leedham (Conservative Party) - 637

    Cameron Sharp (Labour Party) - 562


    Tom Bird (Conservative Party) - 326

    Shane Moore (Hartlepool Independent Union) - 683

    Carole Thompson (Labour Party) - 514


    Robert Darby (Conservative Party) - 338

    Pam Hargreaves (Labour Party) - 612

    Donna Hotham (Independent) - 138

    Steve Wright (Reforum UK) - 131


    Moss Boddy (Labour Party) - 503

    Jaime Horton (Independent) - 366

    Marc Owens (Conservative Party) - 268

    Steve Sandick (Reform UK) - 43


    Andrew Martin-Wells (Conservative Party) - 1,188

    Vivienne Neville (Liberal Democrats) - 331

    Scott Reeve (Conservative Party) - 1,144

    Darab Rezai (Independent) - 496

    John Irving Tait (The North East Party) - 191

    Malcolm Walker (Labour Party) - 626


    Gordon Cranney (Independent) - 944

    Martin Dunbar (Labour Party) - 460

    Glynis Jones (Reform UK) - 295


    Morgan Barker (Conservative Party) - 339

    Katherine Fiona Cook (Independent) - 406

    Amy Prince (Labour Party) - 765


    Gary Allen (Labour and Co-operative Party) - 789

    Jane Reeve (Conservative Party) - 375

    Trevor Rogan (Hartlepool Indepent Union) - 146

    The turnout was 28.16%

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