'Fed up of people re-moaning that they didn’t get their own way' - your views on Operation Yellowhammer

Another long week in politics is coming to an end with far more questions than answers as to when, how or if Brexit will happen.

Friday, 13th September 2019, 8:45 pm
Updated Sunday, 15th September 2019, 5:38 pm
Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Yet there was one question that Hartlepool Mail readers in particular were definite about.

At the time of publishing this article, only 21% of people in our latest Facebook poll felt that knowing about the no-deal fears contained in the Operation Yellowhammer report would have changed the way they voted in the Brexit referendum three years ago.

The papers, just released by the Government, are defended as a “worst case scenario” over references to delays in importing medicines and disruption at ports and borders.

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Among the dozens of comments posted on our Hartlepool Mail Facebook page in response to our poll were the following:

Ian Roberts wrote: “I voted remain and would again. No real opportunity has presented itself to us. Only speculation.”

Andy Hagon, however, argued: “Even if just a couple of these things happen, such as medicine shortages, and price rises (which will hit those on low incomes the most), it really is going to affect people.”

Yet Michelle Cross said: “Fed up of people re-moaning that they didn’t get their own way. Boris Johnson is following what 17.4 million people voted for. It’s a shame MPs don’t have the same faith in our country that those who voted to leave do. No backbone. If you can’t accept the vote and don’t believe in our country then you leave. Problem solved.”

Stephen Smart, perhaps wearing a safety helmet, wrote: “Nothing more than a risk assessment.”

Dean Rusk added: “Just like always the Government had to plan for the worst case. That's life. Will still vote out.”

Claire Martin said: “Another big lie sold to the stupid. Of course the government are going to dangle meds and food shortages at us. I predicted this farce the day after the vote. it's scaremongering the weak.”

Debbie Ann criticised remainers, adding: “They make it sound like the world will end. This country makes medicines and being one of the most wealthy countries in the world. We will still be able to buy any we need. Why wouldn't companies still sell to us?”