'Keep them yellow' - 70% of Mail readers want Hartlepool's taxis to stay trademark colour

More than 800 Hartlepool residents have called for the town’s taxis to remain yellow following a proposal which could see their trademark colour scrapped.

Friday, 13th September 2019, 12:45 pm
Updated Sunday, 15th September 2019, 5:32 pm
Have you voted in our poll about Hartlepool's yellow taxis?

All hackney carriages licensed in Hartlepool must be yellow – a colour which some readers say makes them easily identifiable and visible to all those living nearby.

But a consultation is ongoing over scrapping the rule, after a number of hackney carriage owners in the town formally requested it, in favour of a “standard manufacturer's colour”.

The change could come as part of amendments to Hartlepool Borough Council’s Taxi Licensing Policy, which includes changes to vehicle age restrictions and the process for carrying out driver criminal record checks.

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In an online poll, 70% of 1,205 Mail readers said they wanted to keep the taxis yellow.

Here is what you said on the Hartlepool Mail Facebook:

David Riseley: “Keep them yellow they are then easily identified as a taxi. Lots [of] privately owned silver, white and black etc cars, very few private cars are yellow. Public safety while flagging a cab late at night should be the priority.”

Sharon Edwards: “I like the fact that we have yellow cabs, however I do think the quality/safety/state of the vehicle is more important than the colour, therefore agree with an age limit on the vehicle – thought they already had one.”

Joan Roberts: “When I get a taxi I always ask for a yellow car. They are polite and friendly. Know most of them.”

Stephen Picton: “Keep them yellow. People in town and surrounding areas know we are taxis.”

Matthew Allen: “Keeping them yellow is in my opinion the best move. As others say, quick identification as a licensed taxi and the extra security that keeps.”

Alison Owens: “Keep them yellow at least they’re easily identified when people [are] worse for wear on night out.”

Adrian Paul: “Black is no good in the winter, visibility is poor at the best of times during evening/dark hours. White will often make the cars look even more dirty. The Yellow is easily recognisable as a taxi by the towns folk. If it’s not broken, why change it?”

Michael Cranney: “Stay yellow then you know who's picking up on the street.”