Meet the Fens and Rossmere candidates ahead of Hartlepool local elections

This year’s local elections are just around the corner, and we are turning the spotlight on all Hartlepool’s candidates in the run-up to polling day on May 2.

Friday, 19th April 2019, 2:37 pm
Updated Friday, 19th April 2019, 2:39 pm
From left, Howard Smith, Jim Lindridge and Peter Joyce.

We will concentrate on a ward each day, and today we will be looking at the three people standing in the Fens and Rossmere ward.

All the candidates are being given the opportunity to tell readers why they are standing and why you should vote for them, and here’s what they had to say.


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I am proud to be standing as an Independent Union candidate for Fens and Rossmere.

I have campaigned hard to support and protect Rossmere Park and fight for the safety of our residents. I am pleased to be working alongside Cllrs Tony Richardson and Bob Buchan, two excellent local Councillors.

Fens and Rossmere needs a stronger voice on our Council, to fight for better services, improved transport and making our parks and recreational areas safer for children.

The Independent Union has lead the way in fighting for a better mental health plan for Hartlepool, worked across parties to improve maternity services at our hospital and we will continue to argue for better services for our residents.

Labour have had control for too long and you have a great opportunity to force a no overall control council – which forces all parties around the table and puts an end to party politics.

Alongside Bob Buchan and Tony Richardson, I would be hugely proud to be your new Fens and Rossmere Councillor. Vote Independent Union on May 2nd.



I have proudly served as your Councillor for Fens and Rossmere – and hope to seek your support again in the upcoming election.

I have lived in Fens and Rossmere all my life and have a strong passion for improving our area.

Since being elected, I have always been available and listened to residents concerns; whilst offering support and guidance on how to resolve their problems.

Rossmere Park, speeding, anti-social behaviour, littering, dog-fouling and road surfacing all remain priority areas for residents – and I have always ensured issues affecting our ward are dealt with swiftly.

I am a person with integrity, who holds strong family values, and I relate to people in a fair and balanced manner.

I am a strong communicator and will always stand up for what I believe.  It is for these reasons, why I think I am still the best candidate to represent our ward.

As a local man, I am making a real difference to the Fens and Rossmere area.  

I have proven over the last four years, I am reliable and diligent and, if re-elected, I will continue to listen to your concerns and respond as best as I can.

Please vote Jim Lindridge on 2nd May 2019.



I have been a resident within The Fens and Rossmere so I know the area well.

Having been a school governor in the ward for 20 years, I am interested in the education of pupils and their well being.

I would promote the safety of residents by suggesting increasing Police and Support Officer presence.

Stricter traffic awareness would be monitored in terms of parking and speeding.

I would like to introduce a better neighbourhood scheme where residents could have their issues brought to attention.

I have no political allegiance so would fully have residents problems discussed within the Council meetings and as a retired person have enough time to do the job properly.

I would try to organise a venue where residents could come and have open meetings to discuss with each other their concerns.

I would be proud to represent The Fens and Rossmere after the Election.

Nic Marko , Local Democracy Reporting Service