Meet the candidates for Rural West ward for the Hartlepool Borough Council elections 2019

From left, Nikki Fothergill, Christopher Sayers, Cameron Stokell. No picture provided for Katherine Cook.From left, Nikki Fothergill, Christopher Sayers, Cameron Stokell. No picture provided for Katherine Cook.
From left, Nikki Fothergill, Christopher Sayers, Cameron Stokell. No picture provided for Katherine Cook.
This year’s local elections are just around the corner, and we are turning the spotlight on all Hartlepool’s candidates in the run-up to polling day on May 2.

We are concentrating on a ward each day, and today we will be looking at the four people standing in the Rural West ward.


Firstly I would like to thank the outgoing Councillor, George Morris for his dedication and service to the Rural West ward. I wish him and his family the best.

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To speak briefly about myself, I lived in Rural West for a number of years and have been involved with the equestrian community that the ward is home to for over 40 years.

I am standing as a candidate because I believe we need change in our Council chamber and we need it fast.

There has been an establishment in control for the past few years that appear only to be interested in managing austerity, promoting trickle-down economics or funding legacy projects.

I know that the Conservative councillors of Rural West are generally pragmatic and helpful people, but I believe that Labour can and will offer an alternative to the status quo in our council, which pragmatic Councillors from all sides of the floor should come on board with.

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That alternative must favour local businesses, encourage local spending, prioritise local employment, and ultimately keep money circulating through our economy for longer.

I would ask for your vote as one of the many Labour candidates now selected in Hartlepool that have promised to bring about real change. No image supplied.


My name is Nikki Fothergill and I’m very excited to be standing in Rural West, where I live, and have brought up my two children.

I believe that we must vote for change on the 2nd May to get a better deal for all our families, and especially our children.

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It has shocked me how little seems to be achieved in our area. I feel that Rural West is being under represented within Hartlepool Council and our needs are not being met.

I am passionate about where I live and believe that everyone should have a voice and an advocate that will work hard to get more done for local residents.

I want to tackle fly tipping, more action for the A689, sort out the state of the lamp posts in Wynyard, try to get better policing in Rural West to make our area feel safer.

If we want change, then we must vote for it.

To help you decide if I’m the right person to vote for, go to where you’ll find more information about me and a copy of our 2019-20 Hartlepool Manifesto.


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I am Hartlepool Rural West resident running as an independent candidate for local councillor of Hartlepool Rural West.

Coming from a business background, I am a transformational leader with a proven track record as seasoned Senior Technology Portfolio Manager.

I have over 15 years experience gained from the Financial Services and Telecommunication Sectors, ensuring I am a great choice to guarantee Hartlepool has a bright future.

When elected I will work to:

Increase employment opportunities by ensuring Hartlepool is a desirable location for new and existing businesses;

Promote youth, education and recreation activities;

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Provide dedicated support to increase employability skills and qualifications for Hartlepool residents;

Increase the number and diversity of recreation activities that are available at low or zero cost to Hartlepool residents;

Work to challenge funding shortfalls within, but not limited to, Adult Social Care;

Review, petition and obtain funding for all available opportunities provided by central government and other available sources;

Improve the value from Council Tax;

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Promote the use of local suppliers and employment within the Council.

Above all I will continue to be transparent and honest. If you believe in a better future for Hartlepool, BE THE CHANGE and VOTE CHRISTOPHER KEITH SAYER!


I love my home town and have had an active interest in politics for 4 years.

I have worked for Councillor and MP candidates, was proud to help Cllr Mike Young with his successful campaign in 2018.

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One of my commitments is to end Labour’s vanity projects and believe that a focus on revenue generation is key to this.

The Rural West Ward has been well looked after by your current Conservative Councillors and I am grateful to Cllr Dr George Morris for endorsing me.

The improvements that we see in Rural West that include better roads, increased horticultural services and support given through ward budgets have brought benefit to residents and groups across the area.

I will help continue this work by supporting residents with requests and issues as they arise.

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I really want to help the town grow and flourish and should I be elected on May 2nd, I will work hard to continue the council’s commitment to children, young people and vulnerable adults.

The work the council already does in these areas is excellent and I want to be involved in the continued delivery of these excellent services. Please vote for continued resident support in the ward.