Meet the Hartlepool council candidates for the Foggy Furze ward

This year’s local elections are just around the corner, and we are turning the spotlight on all Hartlepool’s candidates in the run-up to polling day on May 6.

Wednesday, 5th May 2021, 7:39 pm

All the candidates are being given the opportunity to tell readers why they are standing in the elections to gain a seat on Hartlepool Borough Council.

Here's what the 11 candidates standing in the Foggy Furze ward had to say on why you should vote for them.

Lyndsey Allen (Labour Party)

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From left to right, candidates in the Foggy Furze ward who have submitted pictures to us. Back row, Lyndsey Allen, Lee Cartwright, Peter Cartwright and Graham Craddy. Middle row, Frazer Healey, Terry Hughes, Corinne Male and Stephen Picton. Front row, Darren Price.

I have worked in the NHS for over 10 years and believe that the NHS needs to be protected and properly funded to ensure that it remains free at the point of need.

The most vulnerable in society need to be able to rely on a high quality, functioning healthcare system that meets their needs in the right locations.

I support local businesses wherever possible because by spending locally and keeping money within the Hartlepool economy this can only help to improve the people and businesses in the town. Read Labour’s plan for Hartlepool at

Tom Bird (Reform UK)

I'm standing to represent Foggy Furze residents and to promote the need for Reform in our political system.

Our Coalition-run Council has worked extremely hard to bring investment and positive future to our town alongside independent councillors.

Only Reform UK is prepared to work with others to help Hartlepool residents.

Lee Cartwright (Veterans and People's Party)

I am a 41-year-old married dad of two young children who was born and bred in the ward I have been proud to represent on Hartlepool Borough Council for the last two years.

A former soldier, I have spent my time on the council pushing the key issue of law and order and as a member of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Panel, I played a key role in the decision by Cleveland Police to train an additional 24 officers.

I have continually pushed for the reopening of Hartlepool Police Station and will continue to campaign for this, along with many other issues which matter to the people.

Peter Cartwright (Veterans and People's Party)

I am a 66-year-old married dad of three children living in the ward I now hope to represent.

A former publican, I ensured my pub was the hub of the community, even allowing parents to park in the pub car park because of traffic issues at a nearby school.

The local help and spirit back then was amazing, so bringing back a real sense of community is something I am really keen to see if I am elected.

I brought up my three children to have values and respect authority and there’s no reason why we can’t bring the days of having community-minded, law-abiding people back.

Graham Craddy (The For Britain Movement)

I have lived in Hartlepool my entire adult life and love the town, however I believe that we deserve better from our council and elected representatives.

I want an honest discussion of the problems we face, and common sense solutions.

Most parties focus on sound-bites and press headlines, but For Britain will bring politics back to people’s everyday lives where it belongs.

On Hartlepool council, I’ll fight to bring taxes and business rates down – allowing local businesses to thrive and increase employment, I’ll stop the waste of taxpayers’ money and make the council work in the interests of the voters.

Frazer Healy (Labour Party)

I coach young people and adult learners with digital skills and am a proud Hartlepool resident.

Like you, I love our town and truly believe there is so much more we can achieve in improving the lives of local people with a new council of hard working individuals who have a passion for making Hartlepool an amazing place to live and work.

A vote for Labour in Foggy Furze is a vote for an aspirational future. Read Labour’s plan for Hartlepool at

Terry Hughes (Veterans and People's Party)

I am 55 years old and live with my partner and our four children in the Foggy Furze ward. I run my own car valeting business.

I am passionate about the crime in the ward, and I have been working over the past three years personally walking the streets and keeping as many people as I can abreast of the main issues and target areas.

I am an honest man who likes to tell people the truth. People of our ward deserve to feel safe in their own home and I will do everything I can to deliver that.

Corinne Male (Labour Party)

I chose to move to Hartlepool because of its people, who are down to earth, friendly and helpful.

This town has great potential for development over the next few years. I want to be part of that future, to serve the community that is my home.

I have never been someone to sit around if there is something useful I could be doing and, being a retired teacher, I have the time to use my experience of local government and community action to make Foggy Furze and our town better.

Read Labour’s plan for Hartlepool at

Stephen Picton (Independent)

Together with Darren Price we are running for councillors of the Foggy Furze ward.

We want to become a positive influence in the area in which we hope to serve.

Our intentions are to work within the local community and listen to their concerns, by working together we believe we can achieve more.

We are both passionate about the place we live and want to create a safe, clean and happy community for us to raise our families.

We wish all the candidates running in this election the best of luck, and we are sure they all want what's best for Foggy Furze.

Darren Price (Independent)

Hello, I’m Darren, and along with Stephen Picton, I’m running as an Independent candidate for Foggy Furze.

I am passionate about our area and have run the Foggy Furze residents information page for nearly 5 years.

If elected my ethos will remain the same as our community page; to promote local businesses and to nurture and grow our community spirit.

If elected we will remain independent, and stand side by side with everyone in Foggy Furze to help make it a safer, cleaner and friendlier place to live.

Kevin Tiplady (Conservative Party)

This year your Council Tax was frozen by Conservatives and independents working together for the better of the town.

Vote Conservative so that you have a local voice for your area and together we can work directly with Ben Houchen, Tees Valley Mayor, for a better Hartlepool going forward.

The choice is clear in this election, only you can vote for positive change for your area on Thursday 6th May - Vote Conservatives.

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