Modern Hartlepool founder's descendant calls on David Cameron to 'honour' Brexit result

A descendant of a founder of modern Hartlepool has called on former Prime Minister and friend David Cameron to publicly back Brexit.

Friday, 4th October 2019, 6:00 am

Ralph Ward-Jackson, 48, named after his famous ancestor credited with building West Hartlepool, was close to Mr Cameron, who has recently released a new autobiography, from the mid 90s to around 2010.

Although Mr Cameron is no longer a serving MP, Mr Ward-Jackson urged him to support Britiain’s withdrawal from the EU.

Mr Ward-Jackson, a London-based businessman, who unsuccessfully applied to be The Brexit Party’s next General Election candidate for Hartlepool, said: “I think he (Cameron) should honour the result of the referendum bearing in mind we have got every other former Prime Minister going against it.

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Ralph Ward-Jackson
Ralph Ward-Jackson

"My old friend and ex-wife's boss stood there on TV and said he will support our decision whatever happens, including in the event of no-deal.

"I'm just asking him to honour what he said. By honouring it from the guy who called it I think it carries quite a lot of weight.

"At a time when no-one seems to be speaking up for Hartlepool nationally I feel as someone in a privileged position trying to make a small contribution in terms of speaking up for the 70% who voted to leave."

Referring to Mr Cameron’s new book he added: "I think he's probably haunted by the whole referendum. It's his legacy which is why it's in his interest to stand up and say it's got to be sorted out."

Ralph Ward-Jackson was close to former Prime Minister David Cameron for around 15 years until 2010. Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Mr Ward-Jackson says he is still considering standing as an independent candidate for Hartlepool.