The Hartlepool by-election on May 6: Your guide to all 16 candidates

There is less than a week to go now until Hartlepool goes to the polls to choose a new MP.

Friday, 30th April 2021, 6:10 pm
The 16 candidates standing in the upcoming Hartlepool by-election.

The contest follows the March 16 resignation of Labour MP Mike Hill, who triumphed with a 3,595 majority at the last General Election, and is the first Parliamentary by-election since the Tories’ nationwide win.

Here is the complete list of 16 candidates aiming to represent the town at Westminster.

Mr Bettney, a former solider who works in the oil and gas industry, says: “I’ll work night and day to make sure the Government delivers the investment and services that this town needs to prosper.”

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Mr Dawson, formerly Labour MP for Lancaster and Wyre, helped launch the North East Party in 2014 and says: “I come to this election out of principle, to make the case for devolved democracy and fair taxation.”
Mr Delves, also known as The Incredible Flying Brick, says: "I think we want to move the Houses of Parliament up to Hartlepool because that would make Parliament a more friendly place."
Ms Evans says domestic violence is a “huge, huge problem” nationwide and is calling on authorities to be held to account to help ensure victims' safety, adding: "“Harassment and violence is just something that all women are experiencing and we’ve just had enough.”
University lecturer Ms Featherstone says: "Hartlepool needs the kind of transformation that a Green recovery could bring. But, while other parties claim to be committed to such a recovery, real Green policies need real Green politicians with a clear vision."
Mr Gaines, who owns Rosie's pub, on Hartlepool Marina, says: “I’ve pledged to give at least half the MP salary to food banks to help support them because I know they are struggling with the increased demand.”
The Hartlepool-born school teacher stood for the Liberal Democrats in Hartlepool at the 2017 and 2019 General Elections and says: "I truly understand the frustration of all Hartlepudlians who want more change and opportunities in their local community."
Mr Jack, who has opposed lockdowns during the pandemic, says: "“I feel privileged to be able to campaign for the rights of Hartlepudlians in this election. I will do my utmost to bring freedom back to this proud and spirited part of the country.”
Mr Killick, who lives in Hartlepool, aims "to improve political discourse, trust and participation", adding: “If I am elected MP in Hartlepool I will help others and encourage success.”
Hartlepool-born Miss Lee, a former sports journalist at the Hartlepool Mail who went on to start her own PR firm, says: “Right now, there’s industry growing all around us and we are missing out because no one is standing up for us."
Mrs Martin, who lives in Hartlepool, said her priorities include bringing services back to the University Hospital of Hartlepool, adding: ""People want to see a presence of police on the streets, and they want the cells open as well."
Ms Mortimer, who is aiming to become the town's first Conservative MP since 1964, is a North Yorkshire farmer and councillor and says: "I want to make sure this town is at the centre of the post-pandemic recovery by creating more jobs and apprenticeships and attracting extra investment."
Mr Prescott, an IT consultant who runs an online gift business, says to voters: "You have a chance to send a clear message to the Westminster elites that we want reform and together we can stand tall as a strong voice putting Hartlepool back on the map.”
The former Labour MP for Colne Valley, who will be the Northern Independence Party’s first Parliamentary election candidate, aims to help "end the north south economic divide and to reject Westminster control for the whole of our northern region".
Mr Ward-Jackson, a great nephew of Hartlepool politician Ralph Ward-Jackson, says: “Without safe streets and basic infrastructure, companies will simply not invest in Hartlepool, and much-needed jobs will not be created, which surely must be the number one priority.”
Dr Williams, a GP who was previously Labour MP for Stockton South, insists "the NHS is the number one issue" and adds "People in Hartlepool just want to see really decent quality services again at Hartlepool hospital."
Labour have retained the seat, which was renamed in 1974, since succeeding the Tories in 1964 and triumphed at the 2019 General Election with a 3,595 majority. The town's last Parliamentary by-election was held in 2004 after Peter Mandelson become a European Commissioner.