The tide is turning: What Mail readers had to say as Hartlepool election results are confirmed

Election night has been and gone for another year - and the results are in for Hartlepool Borough Council.

Friday, 3rd May 2019, 11:14 am
Updated Friday, 3rd May 2019, 11:21 am
The count for Hartlepool Borough Council gets underway.

The Labour Party was left without a majority in the town, as numerous other parties celebrated victory across a variety of wards.

There were 11 seats contested on the council, with Labour taking three.

Ahead of the results for Hartlepool Borough Council.

The Independent Union and Independents took two apiece, while the For Britain Movement, Ukip, Conservatives and the Veterans' and Peoples' Party all won one each.

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Labour remains the largest party on the council with 13 seats, followed by the Independent Union with eight.

As the results were confirmed, you got in touch on social media to share your view on the changes and how they could shape the future of Hartlepool.

Voter turnout in the town was 27.18% - and some of you said the results showed it was "time for change".

Here is what you had to say on polling day and as the election results came in on the Hartlepool Mail Facebook page:

Martyn Atkinson: "Looks like people are finally getting fed up of main party politics!"

Margaret Irish: "Terrible turnout, only 27%, but fortunately overall a good result."

Rea Brookes: "Not a good turnout but a good result."

Jimmy Petch: "One good thing about social media is I think a lot more people are tuned in to politics and going out and voting."

Anne Bradley: "At last the tide is turning."

Liam Macalister: "It'll be interesting what the Independent Party do over the next few years."

Hayley Hunter: "It's time we all made change in our town and put everything back in it that we all pay for."

Ste Smith: "Moan all year about the area you live in, you get a chance to vote for somebody that cares and wants to bring about a positive change and then you get a chance to use this voice you've moaned with all year and then you don't vote. If you're able to get out and vote, do it."

Chris Kenny: "It's time for change."