What Easington's General Election 2019 candidates are promising to do for you

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We asked all of Easington’s General Election candidates to outline why voters should choose them on December 12.

All were asked to submit a photograph, a written article and a short video. If they do not appear here it is because we have not received them.

Clare Ambrosino (Conservatives)

Dear Voter,

Five candidates are standing in the Easington constituency on December 12.Five candidates are standing in the Easington constituency on December 12.
Five candidates are standing in the Easington constituency on December 12.

The Easington constituency has been dominated by the Labour Party for decades but it has taken the loyalty of voters for granted and let people down.

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No wonder I am meeting so many disillusioned former Labour voters on the doorstep.

Only a Conservative vote will guarantee our exit from the EU. No other party has a deal in place. Let's get Brexit done in January so that we can heal divisions and focus on building a better future for Easington and our families.

Elect me as your next MP and I will fight for Easington. I will fight for the investment, jobs and regeneration that you deserve and to repair the damage caused by decades of Labour neglect.In Westminster I am known for my pester power and I can guarantee that no ear will go unbent and no arm untwisted to deliver my plan for Easington.Elect me as your next MP to represent the people and I will work hard for you. Together we can realise Easington's potential.

Conservative candidate Clare Ambrosino.Conservative candidate Clare Ambrosino.
Conservative candidate Clare Ambrosino.

Best wishes.

Dominic Haney (Liberal Democrats)

I know that having excellent public services that people can rely on is vital for our area.

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The most important is our NHS and the Liberal Democrats will invest an extra £7billion a year on health and social care, raising this money with a 1p increase on income tax.

Liberal Democrat candidate Dom Haney.Liberal Democrat candidate Dom Haney.
Liberal Democrat candidate Dom Haney.

This will allow us to tackle shortages of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals affecting the NHS as well as the crisis in social care and mean we can start treating mental illness with the same seriousness and urgency as physical illness.

Lib Dems will reverse cuts to schools funding so we can employ an extra 20,000 schoolteachers to reduce class sizes.

We’d improve teachers’ pay with a minimum salary rise of 3% every year throughout the next parliament and we will start all new teachers on £30k a year.

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To help parents in work we will introduce free, high-quality childcare for 35 hours a week from when their child is 9 months old.

Brexit Party candidate Julie Maughan.Brexit Party candidate Julie Maughan.
Brexit Party candidate Julie Maughan.

On welfare, Lib Dems believe that it’s vital to have a safety net that works.

We’d reduce the waiting time for first Universal Credit payments from five weeks to five days so that people aren’t forced into debt by the state.

To make sure work pays we would increase the amount of money you’re allowed to earn before benefits are reduced, encouraging people into work. Independent assessment of our manifesto confirm that it will help the poorest more than Labour's.

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The Lib Dems have an positive, ambitious and achievable vision that will help families across our region.

Julie Maughan (Brexit Party)

I have decided to stand as prospective Parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party in the constituency of Easington because I believe that the majority of people who voted to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum have been betrayed.

Labour candidate Grahame Morris.Labour candidate Grahame Morris.
Labour candidate Grahame Morris.

I was born and brought up in a mining village in the North East. My dad was a miner, my grandad was a miner, many of my uncles were miners. Sadly my uncle Billy was killed down the pit in 1956 and I believe his name is still on a banner every year at the Durham Miners Gala.

I still live half a mile from the miners cottage where I was born. I live with my husband and our three children who were schooled at state schools in the region.

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I served for 19 years with Durham and Northumberland fire service in command and control. It was an honour to be part of such a professional organisation and a family which the fire service is.

I am passionate about animal rights and actively involved the rescue of dogs from terrible mistreatment abroad and have helped re home many.

In 2017 both the Labour and the Conservative parties stood on a manifesto promising to deliver Brexit and three years later this still has not happened.

I would like to leave the EU on WTO terms. This way we save time and money.

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I would like to see the foreign aid budget halved and I would like HS2 scrapped. By doing these three things we can save and invest 200 billion in the UK. We can use that money to help business and invest in infrastructure projects in the north of England.

We promise to cut the interest on students loans and to make WiFi free on all public transport.

I would like to see the TV licence abolished.

I would like to reduce and reform the House of Lords.

I believe we have still a lot more to offer. We occupy a great stretch of the North East coast and can harness that geographical advantage by creating free ports to bring trade and jobs back to this region.

Grahame Morris (Labour)

A vote for the unholy Tory/Brexit Alliance is a vote to support and endorse the policies of austerity that have led to over four million children living in poverty, record numbers of families relying on foodbanks, a system that abandoned 4000 women in East Durham born in the 1950s with many forced into penury while waiting for their pensions.For some people, this election is a matter of life and death, including the record numbers of homeless people forced to live on the streets this Christmas as temperatures plummet.We have an opportunity at this election to elect a Labour government that will deliver hope and opportunity.

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I have campaigned in Parliament for pension justice for WASPI women and for pensions justice for our retired mineworkers. Labour have included two important policies in support of these campaigns.Labour’s manifesto Real Change gives redress to the 1950’s WASPI women who will be compensated for their pension losses.

Real Change gives hope to the retired mineworkers and their widows who will see their pensions increased through Labour’s plan to amend the existing unfair surplus sharing arrangements.

Real Change will give hope to all those who will see their pay increased to £10 an hour through a real living wage.Every child should have the best start in life, so I am proud to stand on a manifesto to open 1000 Sure Start Centre, one in every community, reverse school cuts that affect 28!of the 33 schools in Easington and to end punitive policies like Universal Credit and the Bedroom Tax.If people want Real Change that will benefit the many this Christmas, they have a clear choice and should without a doubt vote Labour.

Susan McDonnell (North East Party)

Do you want to live in a region where the elderly don’t have to worry about selling their homes to pay for care?

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Students don’t pay university fees, the majority pay less tax , the rich pay more, there’s no bedroom tax, council tax is lower, where more money is spent on the health services, prescriptions are free, water is cheaper and so much more?

This is Scotland today.

If the answer is yes (why wouldn’t it be?), take the first step to making this happen.

Vote for The North East Party.

But if you’re happy to continue being ignored by the national parties, who promise the earth but when in power, revert to focusing on London and the South East, that’s up to you.

All I ask is that you don’t complain when nothing changes and, in some cases, gets even worse.

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The North East Party wants devolution for the North East on a par with Scotland.

Not the extra layer of bureaucracy referred to in the “regional” manifesto for Labour or the Labour offering of 2004.

Both, were and are, lip service exercises, which if implemented, would be more bureaucracy, more fat cat jobs for the boys and another talking shop with no power or money to do anything.

In Scotland they have the power to decide, the money to do it and they just get on with it.

If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me – is it good enough for you?