What Hartlepool's General Election 2019 candidates promise to do for you

We asked all of Hartlepool’s General Election 2019 candidates to outline why voters should choose them on December 12.

Tuesday, 10th December 2019, 4:30 pm

All of them were asked to submit a photograph, a written article and a short video. If they do not appear here it is because we have not received them.

Kevin Cranney (Socialist Labour)

Hartlepool is my home town, I have lived and worked here all of my life and proud to be called an Hartlepudlian.

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Six candidates are standing in the 2019 General Election in Hartlepool.

I am standing in the General Election because I along with the majority of residents voted to leave the EU.

All the major political parties have let us down and ignored the democratic decision of the 2016 referendum. Labour have let the town down wishing to remain in the EU along with the Liberal Democrats.

The Conservatives/Brexit Party may support leaving the EU but do not care about the town or its future.

I am the only candidate experienced in local politics. I will fight for socialist values, will support leaving the EU, will fight for a fairer share of government investment for the town and will campaign to abolish council tax.

Socialist Labour candidate Kevin Cranney.

As a local person I care passionately about what is important to local people such as the health service, police, employment and social care.

We need a MP who will work with the local authority to deliver on an agenda of improvement and investment in Hartlepool, we need a person and party who are seen, are accessible, approachable and above all listen to the problems and needs of local people.

I have an understanding of local issues and above all a commitment to work for the people of the town, to act as an ambassador, advocate and voice for Hartlepool in Westminster with government officials and be a champion for both Hartlepool and the sub region.

Andy Hagon (Liberal Democrat)

Liberal Democrat candidate Andy Hagon.

Even though I’m a Remainer, I really do understand the frustration of people who voted Leave, because I’m angry too.

For too long, Hartlepool has been forgotten. But not by the EU, but by our own politicians – they are to blame.

I believe that we'll only have enough money to invest in our NHS, in education, in Policing and creating jobs, if we stay in the EU. Leaving the EU will lead to job losses, price rises and a shortage of products, as well as more EU nurses and care workers leaving our local area.

We are the only Remain Party standing in Hartlepool, and so if Remaining in the EU is the most important thing for you at this election - you must vote for it.

Mike Hill.

Labour are a Leave Party and if Corbyn ever gets a deal from the EU, he will force the Labour Party to back it, resulting in them voting to Leave in any referendum.

Locally, the Liberal Democrats have committed to funding an extra 22 police officers in Hartlepool, we have committed to an extra £700,000 on youth services in our town, to reverse the £4.3m in spending cuts Hartlepool schools have suffered and to cutting Hartlepool business taxes by 31%. We truly care about our town.

So let me be very clear - a Liberal Democrat Government will stop Brexit, and we will build a brighter future for you and your family. So on December 12th, vote Remain, vote Hagon, vote Liberal Democrat.

Mike Hill (Labour)

It has been a true honour and privilege to have represented the people of Hartlepool as your Member of Parliament and I am proud to be standing again as the Labour Party candidate.

This election is the most important for a generation and is about the kind of future we want for our town and country as a whole.

Conservative candidate Stefan Richard Houghton.

The only question voters should ask is, can we afford five more years of a Tory Government? Five more years of growing poverty for children and pensioners. Five more years of cuts to vital public services. Five more years of increasing crime and anti-social behaviour.

The Brexit Party have shown their true colours by standing down in Conservative seats. Only Labour can beat the Tories. Only Labour will stand up for nurses, WASPI women, our teachers, our public sector workers, our small business owners, our pensioners, our families.

Hartlepool is my home. I have raised my family here and I love this town.

I have always put the people first and campaigned over issues which are important to them, like the hospital, our schools, police and crime.

In light of Labour’s manifesto, which is bold and ambitious, fair and equitable and gives hope to everyone in this great country of ours, I will fight every day to secure a better future for all of our residents.

Stefan Richard Houghton (Conservatives)

Residents of Hartlepool overwhelmingly voted to leave the EU. I am the only candidate who is likely to be part of a government which will deliver Brexit.

Getting Brexit done is vital so our country can move forward. I am standing for Hartlepool because I want to be part of a Conservative government that honours the wishes of the people and delivers the exciting domestic agenda, which includes the recruitment of 20,000 more police.

This kind of initiative will make a big difference to the lives of residents who suffer most from crime and anti-social behaviour.

Other Conservative commitments are to dramatically increase funding for our NHS by over 30 billion and recruiting tens of thousands of nurses.

The issue of health care in Hartlepool needs urgent attention and I will commit myself to this. Conservatives will also increase funding per pupil across all age ranges.

Tackling the level of unemployment in the town is a priority for me. The rate is higher than the national average so something must be done.

If elected as the Conservative MP for Hartlepool, I am convinced that I can work with a Conservative government and the Conservative Mayor of the Tees Valley Ben Houchen who I have known for years to address issues across the board by bring more resource and investment to Hartlepool.

Richard Tice (Brexit Party)

The Brexit Party launched in April this year, with a simple slogan: Change Politics for Good.

And it is clearly time for change.

I am chairman of the Brexit Party and if you elect me to be the MP for Hartlepool, I promise you three things: I will battle hard to ensure we get a real Brexit, to bring money and to bring jobs to Hartlepool.

I have a 30 year successful track record in business, running small, medium and large companies. I know how to find solutions to problems, how to motivate people, how to get stuff done.

Fixing, sorting, and making things happen.

During this career I have built thousands of homes including affordable homes. I have helped turned around seriously failing secondary schools.

I know that I can work closely with the Brexit Party-led council to ensure that many more council homes are built, and to bring grants and private sector investment into Hartlepool.

There is much to be done. Improving the health services here, getting more police onto the streets to make us feel safer, reducing unemployment, improving training and skills.

The strong sense of community has really struck me and I am hugely grateful to the many people who have been warm, kind and polite, even when they hold a different political view.

I really enjoyed watching the Pools show huge spirit to recover strongly and draw against Borehamwood last recover.

It’s time for change. It’s time for a Brexit Party MP in Hartlepool and I would be very proud to serve everyone.

Joe Bousfield (Independent) did not provide a statement or photograph.

Richard Tice.