Queueing for a jacket potato inside the Gem

It was love at first sight when we asked you to cast your mind back to these Hartlepool nightspots.

Tuesday, 31st January 2017, 10:00 am
The Grapevine at the Gemini.

A wonderful 30,000 of you reminisced on the great days of the Gemini and Pianos bar in Villiers Street when we posted a photograph on social media.

It was more than 30 years since the photograph was taken but it triggered so many memories for Mail readers.

For lots of you, it was a chance to recall the food you ate.

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Jayne Gray remembered: “Supper club on a Sunday night in Piano’s........you’d get a jacket potato! 1988 ish.”

And Lesley Harker recalled: “Chicken in a basket.”

Kevin Harrington chipped in with “Piano’s, with that invisible step hidden by the carpet. Queuing up for a jacket potato inside the gem on a Sunday night.”

From Deborah Morton, we got this memory. “ Drinking blue lagoon chips in a basketdancing! and sticky carpetloved it!”

Marge Smethurst recalled: “Tequila sunrise and cheese burger” and Debbie Bell said Sunday night meant “jacket tatties or beans and sausages.”

Barbara Fleming said: “northern soul remember it well” while Catherine McLaughlin recalled: “Loved the Gemini, had many good nights there.”

Brenda Rowbotham certainly won’t forget it. She said it was where she met her husband and where she worked as a barmaid, and added: “Those were the days........”

David Wheelhouse said: “Had my 18th party in the Gemini.1981” while Diane Marshall said; “loved it x”

Sue Wright added: “Went to the twins and Gemini” while Janet Ainsley posted: “On the dance floor dancing round your handbag x”

Our story attracted nearly 400 likes and 90 comments.

Sue Powell had her 18th birthday party in the Gemini, “many years ago.”

Julie Taylor included her pals in her post and said: “We were there all the time loved it.”

Gary Powell said it was his “first ever proper night club experience in 1980” while Cath Grazier said she met Mr Grazier in Pianos.”

Neil T Stelling told us: “Great place! Many hours of fun in there..!” and Ian Precious said: “i went most weekends.”

Trish Liddle was one of those who told us: “Worked there for a few years, good memories x”

Lorna Monsen Johnson called them “The best years!” And Paul Kielpinski remembered: “Hartlepool legend, Great times.”

Linda Pearce was another who worked there and said: “Best night club Harlepool ever had Gemini...i worked behind the bar in Both ...”

Ian Jennings said Pianos was off to the side, Gemini was downstairs, and upstairs was Heavens Above.

And Craig Watson reminded us that it was the venue where the popular Grapevine parties were sometimes held.

We loved your memories and thanks for sharing them. If there’s anything you would like us to look back on, email [email protected]