Residents hit out over takeaway plans at former Hartlepool pub site

Residents have hit out over plans for a new hot food takeaway to open as part of a former pub site in Hartlepool.

Tuesday, 4th June 2019, 6:13 pm
The site of a proposed take away that was refused planning permission. Picture by FRANK REID

Planning permission was granted in 2014 to convert the former Saxon pub in Easington Road into a local shopping parade, and it currently is home to a dental practice, a ‘one stop’ convenience shop, Saxon’s Fish and Chip Shop, and the unit subject to new plans.

Proposals have been submitted to convert the vacant unit, which was last used as a florist in 2018, into a hot food takeaway

However several residents who live nearby to the site have lodged complaints over the plans, stating they do not want to see another takeaway in the area.

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To date three objections have been submitted to the council planning department over the proposals.

A response from Ian Clarke Johnson said: “There is already a hot food takeaway at that location in the form of a fish and chip shop and at my last count our small town has over 100 takeaways.

“It is not a wonder our town is so unprosperous when the only jobs going are takeaway delivery driver and also no wonder our town as a whole is in such negative health.

“Please for the love of god stop granting takeaway licences left, right and centre.”

Concerns were also raised from nearby resident Mr Barker that it could cause an increase in litter and crime.

He said: “An objection is raised…due to the concerns of increased litter being created if planning was to be approved & the increase of youths causing antisocial behaviour in and around that particular area if planning was approved.”

The objections were echoed by a Whin Meadows resident.

They said: “Already there is an objectionable amount of litter blown into my property from the Saxon.

“The proposed hours of opening for yet another ‘Hot Food Takeaway’ can only exacerbate the litter problem, especially as it will provide yet another “hang out” for the local youth.”

“On a purely personal level, one of the main reasons I bought my home was to be well away from food outlets, as I find their presence extremely unwelcome because of their associated clientele and odours.”

Plans state the takeaway would create two full-time and two part-time jobs and would be open from 11am until 11pm seven days a week, although no tenant is currently lined up.

A planning statement on behalf of applicant Mr M Jagpal from Ingleby Barwick Land and Property Developments states opening a takeaway would benefit the area.

It said: “The proposed use of the premises as a hot food takeaway would improve the character, appearance, vitality and viability of the local centre.

“This should not be taken lightly in these trying times, particularly as regards retailing.

“Occupation of the subject premises could even attract increased custom to the existing ‘One Stop’ and fish & chip shop businesses since custom attracts customers.

“In light of the above, it is our opinion that the proposed change of use of the subject unit to a hot food takeaway will not result in an adverse impact upon the surrounding area.

“Indeed, we would venture to suggest that it could well have a beneficial impact.”

Nic Marko, Local Democracy Reporting Service