Review: Killing Joke - York Fibbers

Cult rock band Killing Joke added this last minute rare and intimate show much to the delight of their northern fans.

Thursday, 3rd November 2016, 10:36 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:02 pm
Killing Joke's stage set at York Fibbers

A warm up for their big London gathering show, the group’s supporters were out in force to pack the sweaty confines of Fibbers.

The Joke do have a devotional following and greeted the band with fervour as they played two of their aces - 80s hits Love like Blood and Eighties - early in the set.

The foursome make a fearsome noise, rhythm section Youth and Paul Ferguson nailing down the groove while guitarist Geordie rattles out the riffs.

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Frontman, the enigmatic Jaz Coleman, is resplendent in vicar’s frockcoat and, with his manic stare, comes across as very much the fire and brimstone demented evangelist.

Indeed many of the bands songs can be seem as prophetic as the likes of Brexit, conflict in the middle east and impending world war III with Russia are reflected in songs like European Super State, Turn To Red and New Cold War.

The radged Jaz comes across like a cross between Peter Finch’s mad prophet newsman Howard Beale in the film Network and one of those street corner raving derelicts who speak in tougues about who has stolen their thoughts!

The band end the set with climatic The Wait, Wardance and Pandemonium leaving their devoted fans’ ears ringing and cementing their repuation as a unique and iconic band.

- Ian Monaghan