Stop foreign aid abuse

As the countdown to Christmas begins we are seeing requests for help for the disadvantaged, terminally-ill and other worthy causes which deserve our help.

Monday, 19th December 2016, 9:40 am
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 2:01 pm

However, I wonder at times why?

Why do we need to put our hands into our pockets to support hospices, air ambulances and many more worthy organisations?

Why does not our Government deal with these urgent requirements and not rely on the generosity of the people?

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All of them should be part of the care umbrella for the people of this country.

Where, you may ask, is all this money to come from.

The answer is the foreign aid budget; £12.2billion was spent last year alone.

Money we have to borrow and pay interest on through our taxes.

Some will think that it is being used well, helping the poor around the world, but they would be wrong.

A recent investigation in the Times and Telegraph has exposed massive corruption and abuse within the organisations that dip their grubby hands into the pot.

The Department for International Development said it had stopped paying these fees, but the extract below shows that it had not.

The Times has established that fees paid to 265 consultancy companies, together with payments to 273 other organisations for “technical and advisory services”, increased from £501million in 2012 to £931million last year.

That’s almost a billion pounds in fees.

This has to stop and the sooner the better for all in the UK.

Chris Gallacher, TD VR,


UKIP Redcar,

Normanby Road,